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    Okay, so the deal is that I have almost maxed account on RS3.. But, I've lost it's password, which was the same as the email's password, AND i've moved house 2 times since. Tried to recover, but no recoveries are set, so my appeal gets auto-denied. Well, I had used the same password on my RSPS (hopefully), so I looked up the SHA1 hash (lol, back in the day it was good(not rly)) and tried matching it with all the known hashlist's but no result :(

    Soooo, I made my own program, which forms up EVERY possible combination from A-Ö 0-9 + most special chars, then hashes it to SHA1 and compares that value to my hash... Hope this is soon over, (my cpu is dying @42%)..

    Call this bruteforce, I call this desperate attempt, but hope this works..
    On the bright-side the hash is not salted.
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  2. How long is the password, or are you trying everything from 6-99 chars lol
    gl tho!
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    is that VB.NET?
  3. thanks.. it's over 15 letters :S
    trying every combo from 10-70

    for all of you saying tl;dr
    I am trying to bruteforce myself.
  4. Bruteforcing yourself hahahaha that sounds funny.
    Gl :p
  5. And still going.. :DD
  6. How many attempts/second is your program doing?
  7. Keep us updated on how many it actually takes. Good luck, and God speed.
  8. Good luck buddy.
  9. Depends really on the CPU, I personally have allocated a virtual environment to this program but if I'd give it 100% off my CPU (which I wont because thermal throtle -> liquid system coming on mail ;) ) i'd say 1000sh attempts / second. Not sure.

    How this basicly works is that I have given the program my password hash, and it generates random strings, hashes them, compares and moves to next one till it's the right hash, so it's very CPU consuming program afterall.. Thank's for the intrest.
  10. Dat struggle:(
    I have a good osrs account... i forgot its name/pass. Basically, I had a good osrs account:/

    Best of luck though!
  11. Yeah at 1000/s this will never work. Sorry for your loss mate.
  12. I will, because I was able to narrow my scan to exact 17 letters by watching a old video.. Now I am also trying to make this not scan the words already hashed in known wordslist.. So it would leave me fewer words.. :S
  13. Holy crap, yeah man good luck. It will definitely take a bit of time.
  14. good luck to you genius guys. Id be faster lvling up all again ^_^
    But you bigbrains can do it, gods best luck !
  15. 38^18/1000 = 27296360116495644500385071.104 seconds = 877,583,594,280,338,364 years. and this is based on the fact that you are only using the basic letters ie 123...abcd
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