RS3 Woke up to this

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Gengsta, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. I want this shit too man....
  2. Sadly I got it on a trash account
  3. Bot that acc and level it up smartly. Now you got a new main.
  4. So jealous! ive been trying on my main for 10hrs today, dont want to bot on it and lose it
  5. what bot do you use? pls tell me.
  6. I just got one of these too, how rare are they?
  7. VERY. i can't get one lmao
  8. Gratz m8... got it at 58 div tho:eek:
  9. Alpha Div. (Sorry qos <3 )
    Might have been even earlier ;)
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  10. Yeah, i got one of these at level 30 ish, got a screeny at around lvl 40
  11. got it at lvl 82
  12. inb4 you get banned due to botting to long to get it ;)
  13. I botted 16/7 and still didnt get it ffs
  14. Got it on my second account aswell now. 2ezpets
  15. Fuck dude
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  16. Grats, you deserve it. :D
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  17. Thank you :p

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