[Won't be updated] Gilded altar helper 0.0.2

Quick prayer experience.

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  2. i love you..bought 99 recently.. any chance of other player houses?
  3. I'm sorry, got my own altar, I suggest you do the same if you can afford it.

    Have fun though!
  4. have one =D =p
  5. does this work on other player's altars
  6. Thank God! I can finally buy 99 pray without cringing about doing this manually! Will test this weekend thanks!
  7. Just woke up and saw that I gained 82 to 91 prayer, overnight is possible!
  8. You smexy beast =] I've been waiting for a bot like this. Does it support someone else's house though. Lv 1 construction fag here :(
  9. how does this work? I have guilded altar, clean marrentils etc, start in my house with inventory full of airut bones and 2 clean marrentils but all it does is light burners and stand there... litte more info on the parameters of this bot please @Geashaw
  10. working well, once it goes to bank though it doesnt press 1 to quick load preset, just sits on where you save them
  11. I'll add more instructions tomorrow. Made this for myself. Uses dragon bones and bank preset 2. Be sure you have the same ability bar and inventory setup
  12. Kinda working now every now and then ends up outside portal
  13. How did you get outside? Only when you're logged out.
  14. not sure never caught it doing it i tried an all nighter attempt on it and woke up to it outside o.o
  15. My all nighter got me 3m xp ^^
  16. mannn! XD But could be a nice fail safe to add if out of POH re enter portal sort of thing?
  17. Will add the following in the near future;
    - Detect bones from inventory
    - Fail safe to re-enter pointer
    - Find and fix the null pointer (info needed)
    - Add glory teleport if no Thzaar ring in actionbar
  18. @Geashaw you said to mimic action bar etc but where do i even find that info? Don't get me wrong really happy you made this i've been offering money for a bot like this but no details included lol unless i'm retarded which could also be possible. Also please support airut bones, they are so much faster x.x
  19. I uploaded the images but the original post edit got reverted. Perhaps @Arbiter has them.

    The airut bones are a good one, might just change the way they are used (as string "Dragon bones") to a "contains bones.
  20. the null was from me, it just failed on start up but laptop froze haha! Its working fine now just randomly log off and end outside portal so have to baby sit other than that 70-85 so far

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