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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by janharmveenstra, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Hallo,

    I am new with writing a bot. but i going to try it anyway. i have a small set up:

    public void onLoop() {
    if (atCastleWarsBank()){
    if (canTeleportToHouse()){
    }else {
    if (Bank.isOpen()) {
    Bank.withdraw(Oak plank, 28);
    }else {

    i want to make oak larders with this. But i dont know how to make oak larders and remove it again. and make it 3 times when out of oak planks. would some one help me?
  2. You should join the development Slack channel, Slack
  3. i dont know how i can join, because email didnt work.
  4. Goodluck man, perhaps you can check if interface is open and the larder is made to remove it and otherwise to make it.
  5. You'll mainly need to get 2 things:
    - Get the GameObject of the building spot.
    - Get the interfacecomponents of the building interface.

    If the building spot has the larder, remove it.
    If there is no larder there, make the larder.

    Not entirely sure what you mean by "make it 3 times when out of oak planks".
  6. You can make three larders from 24 planks (3x8).
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  7. So I guess he means he wants to make it bank when he has less than 8 planks? That should be easy enough for him to figure out :p
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  8. its harder then i thoughtXD. i work on it later. maybe tomorrow.

    how can i test it. i dont know how i can get the script bot in runemate
  9. Think so, although I'd suggest using a butler by investing some money to make him do the banking. Je suis lazy..

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