Would anyone be interested in the following account?

Discussion in 'General Market' started by IbrahimA, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. 120 Fletching
    120 Cooking

    All stats 99 except the following

    95 Slayer
    95 Hunter
    95 Runecrafting

    92 Fishing
    92 Construction
    92 Farming

    ~75 Thieiving
    ~60 Invention

    Basically VERY CLOSE to maxing.. Membership for 1 year+ remaining

    Has ALL the skilling outfits, around 30+ keepsake keys with a shit tonne of rare item token rewards (golden cane, lucky coin, sunglasses, twang cbows and more).

    Selling as I am saving up for a motorbike and need the money ASAP.
  2. Not too sure, make me an offer. Looking to get as much irl cash as possible.
  3. *plays runescape for irl money cuz can't get a good enough paying job irl* :'(
  4. Nothing could be further from the truth. I make $40,000 a year at age 18 and am selling the account as it is essentially free money. Don't speak without knowledge.
  5. I'm simply stating my opinion, and for you "making $40,000 a year" doesn't mean shit, this is the internet, yeah I'm santa clause. What am I supposed to feel something because you said you make that much money? IDC, but by the sounds of this: "Looking to get as much irl cash as possible." LOL yeah, I believe you. ;)
  6. I offer $70 usd. If 100% clean(not botted on same pc/ip)/username login $120
  7. I quote "*plays runescape for irl money cuz can't get a good enough paying job irl* :'("

    Making $40,000 clearly does mean something in this context. Furthermore, I couldn't care less whether you believe me or not as this does not in any way, shape or form disrupt me, my life, my earnings or the truth for the matter. Furthermore, regardless of how much I make, looking to get as much irl cash as possible is a perfectly reasonable desire - why would I try to get 'as least irl cash as possible'? I want to get the most out of the account and for that reason am somehow perceived to be jobless/desperate? Please.

    Your name is Neptune123, stop.
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  8. That's nice, what do you do for a living?
  9. I'm an intern for a software company. I am studying for a BA in Economics part time also. I won't specify what company due to my name here being the same as my IRL name.
  10. That could explain the 60k a year, though as intern?
  11. $40,000 which is roughly £31,000 - the upper end of intern salaries.
  12. That's insane for an intern. I.e. the intern would have to make the company loads of monies...
  13. lol dont wanna start chaos or make people upset but i really have to agree with @neptune123, because honestly you sound like a bad liar, "hey i make 40 000$ a year but i need 150$ for my runescape account to get money for a bike" honestly man cmooon, sounds so unbeliveably shitty maan.. (btw i make 65k a year at age 19 boi wussup)
  14. A bike, you mean a motorbike, big difference. Whether he's lying about the income or not, making these assumptions without knowing the lad IRL is just stupid.

    And shut it about the 65k a year, do you need the attention?
  15. @Geashaw lol im 17 still in school, just saying as @neptune123 its the internet man... "And shut it about the 65k a year, do you need the attention?" <-- proof it works tough :facepalm:
  16. Bump. ^lol'd.

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