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  1. Hey guys,

    A friend and I have this idea..
    We want to make a game where a player can race in a world...
    Not just a world! but THE REAL WORLD.
    Like he would be able to set his GPS ingame and actually drive to an actuall street.
    It would be an online game.
    There would be NO LAWS!
    We would use Google earth as a map.

    What do you think?

    My friend already created Roeselare and Izegem :) (2 cities in Belgium)
  2. A nice idea, but without funds or investors you aren't going to get far in the sense of distributing your game.
  3. We are now trying to finish a few cities, and we already have a meeting planned over at "CatLab Interactive" which is a Belgian Game development studio :)
    They are really excited about our idea :p but want to see it, and then they will decide :)
  4. Name = DriveScape?
  5. How u know that? :O

    No No we did not think about a name yet :)
    We were thinking about "Drive World"
  6. DriveMate pls:)
  7. Haha :D lol @Arbiter would sue me xd of Arbi Driver
  8. nice idea. GL
  9. I imagined something similar when I was a kid. Support this idea x1000, let me know if you ever need help from the US side.

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