WTB RS3 gold (verified paypal only)

Discussion in 'General Market' started by jrober, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. WTB RS3 gold (verified paypal only),will pay $0.25~$0.28/m,will go first to trust seller.no scammer thanks.need 500m+.pm me with u skype name.
  2. > no scammer thanks
    > first post ever on this forum
    > mfw
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  3. 100% agree... Also he is no supporter.
  4. Supporter isn't saying anything though, I think a scammer would invest $1 for the potential of scamming a lot more.
  5. But i am not right that you need to have supporter to be allowed to trade on RM?
  6. You only need supporter if you advertise 3rd party links.
  7. Guys if want to talk just make new thread and leave my post alone:D
  8. Those posts were not some sort of non-sense, neither just small talk, it was related to the topic so what's the problem?

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