WTS 20m DarkScape GP - $120

Discussion in 'General Market' started by proxi, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Middleman will be required unless @Arbiter vouches for you.
  2. that seems like its alot for 120m or is it just me
  3. 6$ a mil is a little high, but it's from someone we know around the forums.. It's up to buyers to say if it's worth the extra x2 compared to chinamen.
    If I was a buyer I'd pay double to have it "safely" done through runemate m8s.
  4. Guys... this is DarkScape gold. People are selling for $10/m. Even on this very forum.

    This is fairly cheap.
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    Please reference: https://www.runemate.com/community/threads/selling-darkscape-gp-10-m.3946/#post-44009
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  5. i know its darkscape gold
  6. The way I worded my last post made it seem as if you were over priced for an individual seller, but that's not what I meant. Most sellers on sites like Sythe and here even are typically selling for 10$/Mil so Proxi's price is fair.
    All I was trying to say is that these prices are high compared to Chinese RSGP websites, but I'd be willing to pay the extra because buying from an individual is a lot less sketchy.(imo)
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