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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by WYD Appeal, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Hello, I like to know if i can get unban on RuneMate :) i have be unban on 3 more botting website's + i got unban on sythe =D and i have done over 110+ nmz jobs by now :) , i'm not that same kid who you know as a troll :)

    If i do get unban can you update "WYD" With this "WYD Appeal" Email so i can use Google authenticator :)

    PS: I love how RuneMate have got so big now :)
  2. The fuck did you do, perhaps that answers your question.
  3. I was just saying i'm don't that same kid who you know as a troll :)
  4. No one likes u. All you do is suck up in your appeal to get a chance to be unbanned.

    - You are a toxic troll and do not fit in this community at all.
    - Your constant attempts at toxicity undermines the likelihood of people wanting to be a part of this community.
    - You contributed nothing to the community whatsoever.
    - You use your disability as excuse for your behavior.
    - You trashtalked RuneMate on your way out of here.
    - You spam your shitty video's all over the place, which is basically just poor advertisement.
    - You've had multiple chances (in the form of temp bans) but still kept being toxic.

    You might say that you are not the troll you always were, but I don't believe that for one bit. You've had plenty of chances to better yourself, but no success. I know I'm in no place to create a verdict, but if it was up to me this would be a big NO.

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  5. As i said in my post :) i'm don't the same toxic troll :) who you know me as :) as you can see i got unban on all of the botting website's :)
  6. That's no valid reason to get an unban here. You can spam smileys all over your posts but it only masks the true you.
  7. I like to post my NMZ Power-leveling Here :) like i done on alot of botting website's :) and i'm working on a Gold Selling website now :)
  8. If I was a mod i would honestly unban you :)

    And then ban you for having 2 accounts
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  9. personally i know him and i'll back him up he isn't a scammer he doesn't mean to be silly if you have him another chance promise you would't have any problems with him in the future vouch for him 100 percent.
  10. Thats nice for you and you dont need to do it here, you can do it on all the other botting sites
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  11. There's literally a bot for Nightmarezone available on RuneMate, why would you think anyone would like to use your services?

    Besides, this only confirms that you only want to be unbanned to advertise your services.

    I'll stop ranting here, there's no chance I am able to talk sense into you.
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  12. And i like to help my owner who running a gold selling website :) who i work for :)
  13. I'd say give him one last chance... wanna see how he'll end up banned again.
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  14. We could take bets on how long it will take for him to get banned again.
  15. i believe everyone deserves a second chance :)
  16. Okay one more reply, you have far past the 2nd chance. More like the 7th chance.
  17. I don't see how so :-(
  18. You've had 2 temporary bans before the permanent ban, as well as 7 official warnings via the warning points system. Outside of that i'm sure you were warned numerous times as well.
  19. Damnnnnnnn the truth gets unfolded
  20. The truth is i'm don't the same kid as before :-(

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