Xhyalus - I'm sure anyone who's anyone knows who I am :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Xhyalus, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Former Upgrade Seller , One of the biggest :D ( AMG my Ego is showing)

    Hobbies : Reading, eatting and being social.
    Age : 19
    Country of Residence : USA Niggaaah :p ( New york)

    Umm this is pretty much all that comes to mind at this time, need more info? Simply request it.
  2. no clue who you are, but nice to meet you :)
  3. Xhy you got quite a large ego there.
  4. What is an upgrade seller do exactly?
  5. Welcome to the forums.
    If you've any questions, feel free to contact me.
  6. membership supplier for runescape.
  7. This standard message + Welcome, glad to see you here too :p Leave the ego at PowerBot.
  8. No idea who you are.
  9. Discard your life ;D
  10. Maybe you should because you're an unknown ;)
  11. I already lost my life like 8 years ago...
  12. Bro who are you?
  13. A cocky nobody.
  14. It's like you're typing everything I'm reading.
  15. Ahh so that's who he is...
  16. But I am???
  17. No ur not, scur is reading a wiki page about OP so it's all factual info

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