RS3 Yellow Partyhat Goal

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  1. Heyo RM Community,
    A little backstory for you about this goal, just to make this thread look nice. I pretty much have always wanted to own one of those stupid paper hats in RuneScape, well now I am going to attempt this. I will be botting on multiple accounts, reaching anywhere between 3-4m / hour. I am not going to share my method with you guys, just because the method is easily crashable hence it is totally forgotten by the community.

    327,000,000gp (113M)
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  2. Gratz on 0gp so far bruh
  3. better not be crashing me bruh. always sell over
  4. Will be updating this thread in the evening (GMT +2).. This due I will not post any update less than 3 digits.. :)
  5. inb4 3.54m
  6. Let's see for how long this thread will last before it'll be abandoned.
  7. Haha :D Hoping to around 100M :p
    Say what you wish, no matter what, I will complete this, since this is achievable in a month.
  8. Why yellow and not another color?
  9. Good luck!

    Don't get merched though.
  10. Yellow looks nice, and is the 2nd Cheapest.
    Thank you!

    Will try though.
  11. Haha sure, its just that alot of these type of threads don't last very long overall. Good luck.

    Shouldn't you wait on spectre to be safer though?
  12. Im gold farming. Not botting for stats, I don't give a shit about the accounts. I have a huge reserve of accounts I bought bulk, but I can only run max. 5 at the time.
  13. Wouldn't buying the phat have been cheaper than buying those accounts in bulk?
  14. Sometimes i find gold pits aswell which are apparently completely forgotton by everyone lol
  15. That's the spirit of the game, if you want to succeed.
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    Will update this soon ;)
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    Updated OP. Currently at 327M.

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