Yes.. Very nuts that people do that..

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  1. [​IMG]

    Meanwhile, on my other screen:


    Those damn botters.
  3. Why don't you invest in some MateCoins m8.
  4. Deez Nuts
  5. why did i knew someone was gonna say that... xd
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  6. Haha.

    Stupid goldfarmers.
  7. yeah willows make u rich as fuck on osrs :$
  8. What is the actual gp/h for willows?
  9. None if you drop them (which OP does).
  10. u do realize i was sarcastic right? since willow logs are a whoppin 8gp ea
  11. I've only started looking at RS again today. I noticed hundreds of bots farming willows in draynor so I thought it must have been worth farming.
  12. yeah well.. its the fastest method to get 60 to gold farm yews lmao
  13. Nope, just decent woodcutting experience.
  14. or when you say to the only non-botter there "whats with all these fucking bots?" and you've been running yours for 12 hours in that spot ;p

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