RS3 Yet another "What VPS can keep X bots running"?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by Twinki, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Looking for a VPS to keep 10-ish RS3 bots running.

    Looking for something with Windows Server or perhaps something that'll let me upload/use my own OS with VirtIO drivers, since RM doesn't appear to cooperate with Linux that well.

    Any suggestions?
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  2. Depends on type of bot you want to run ex. RS3 OSRS
  3. Oh, RS3. Just updated OP.
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    Still looking for some suggestions.
  4. I've found cheap laptops to be a better investment.. same purpose.. and at least you'll own them for other uses.
  5. Just to be clear: RM works perfectly, if not better, on Linux. However, depending on which dist you're using you might have to do some more work to get the correct Java installed. For example, on Ubuntu 14.04 the command "apt-get install java" or open-jre* or open-jdk etc etc doesn't install the correct version.
  6. dont u need a better gpu than what they have for lots of bots?
  7. both GPU and CPU are important :) for 10 bots i would advice atleast 8GB ram maybe opt for 12Gb.
    If you go with HostZealot, then i would advice the 169/199$ Dedicated server :)
  8. @kristiaan, can you tell something more about dedicated servers. What's the proccess after i order one? How does it work?
  9. Same as with a vps :) but a dedi is like a pc that is online for you and a vps is a virtual server :)
  10. Runemate runs fine on Linux, and don't get a VPS you can get cheap rackmount computers that can run 4 bots or more and have 10 per rack. Run your farm in a rented efficiency apartment or office space with T(x) line for 99% uptime internet

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