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    Client crashed and I can't open a new one ( OSRS )
    edit: fixed after waiting +- 10 min about the crash though I think it had to do with the script bot but I'm not sure, I could still interact with the game ( could keep playing ) , but I couldn't do anything with the client ( starting script bot/disabling mouse/closing it)

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  3. Relog your windows and it works again (temp fix)
  4. I know , but I didn't want to since I have a lot of bots running ( other client ) and restarting them all would take +- 15 min
  5. what about killing the process?
  6. Problem is solved already ( In case you didn't know that )
    But it didn't help, all processes that had to do with Runemate were killed.
  7. If RuneMate is unsafely closed, for example by a crash or force shutdown, the session you have with the RuneMate Cloud lasts for up to 15 minutes after the event. This can prevent you from opening a new client. This is not a bug. In order to prevent this simply do not do anything that may cause RuneMate to unsafely close, like running dangerously low on RAM or cutting off power to your computer.

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  8. I set a task to auto shutdown my comp when I sleep is this bad?
  9. It's not necessarily bad. Worst case scenario you get locked out for 15 minutes. However, since you're just shutting down the computer entirely that shouldn't be an issue, unless you intend to immediately restart and bot.
  10. Nah all good I do it before bed and work, at least 3-5 hours before I restart.

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