You want a Dungeoneering bot ? [so do we]

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Are you willing to donate atleast $2 ?

  1. Yes

    26 vote(s)
  2. No

    5 vote(s)
  1. Many of us are waiting for someone to create a Dungeoneering bot, right ?
    What if we put our hands together, and start raising enough funds ?
    If 100 people want this, and are willing to donate $2 each we can get $200 :O
    I'm sure their are some bot developers out there that are willing to make such bot for $200
    The donations will be directly given to either @Arbiter or the bot creator.

    To start off, i'm willing to donate $20 !!


    So far we've raised atleast: [The amount of "Yes" votes times 2]

    EDIT: doppelganger is making one:
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  2. I would be happy to arrange a pool if there is enough demand for it.

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  3. Good to hear! This is already in the works :)
  4. Can donate the 2$ :)
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  5. Lol nice try. You and Cloud are gonna spend the money on weed.
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  6. I would donate. But i think red and hazard are busy IRL atm. if they come back and finish the bot, make it premium, the authors will make some money that way too.
  7. Time to start reading and understanding idungeon source code
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  8. Would definitely donate! :D
  9. bad practice i tell you
  10. I'd donate for sure. How else am I supposed to get 120 dungeoneering? or even 99 lmao.

    shittiest skill in the game
  11. 10/10 would donate.
  12. 10/10 would fap :)
  13. Why not make a dungeoneering bot as a collective on Runem8? Collective as in all active bot writers that can decide themselves how much time and effort they're willing to put in. Less experienced writers (like myself) can gather data and higher experienced writes can form a skeleton for it and do the more advanced stuff.

    Apart from the difficult management I'd say this could be both something that sets apart our community of writers, that is exceptionally awesome compared to other botting sites, and also great team building as a collective.

    Important facets:

    • Planning certain parts and assigning writers/let writers choose a part.
    • Achieving a certain quality standard.
    • Acknowledge the experience gaps between bot writers and take this into account for planning.
    • A private but accessible repository of the bot, that every bot author is able to commit updates to so that everyone can work with the most up to date version.
    • And more.
    @All devs, let me know what you think about this idea. I know it's hard to manage, but why not take a shot at it? Maybe with this fund it might also be a partial financial pro to work on this.
  14. Working with a big group like this makes the reward much smaller though.
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  15. This was my thoughts also. Glad to see someone else agrees :)
  16. like 200$ is a reward
  17. Personally I'd do it for free. Not sure what everyone else's standards are.

    Then again I'm shait bot writur so ye.

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