Resolved "You're already logged in. Try again in 60sec"

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by mazi1m, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Hey @Arbiter @Cloud . Do you maybe thought of adding some kind of extended delay to loggin back when "You're already logged in. Try in 60 seconds" problem occurs? I know it's probably connection problem, but this kind of delay would may help. If that's not an option- any tips on how to deal with it? it happens every 2-3 hours atm.

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    Post #10 by Arbiter, Nov 10, 2015
  3. Your talking about the reconnect on RuneScape right ?
    It would be nice if they can make it recognize the message and wait like 2 minutes indeed ;)
  4. Yes! That's exactly what im tealking about. 2 minutes would be just perfect.
  5. This issue is a known issue for others aswell, and it appears to be an issue on Jagex's end.
    Atleast, that's what I've been told by others.
  6. So the delay solution would be the best one. Actually i started this topic because i saw @Arbiter or @Cloud talking about it.
  7. It's not really needed, as its just a temporarily problem on Jagex's end.
    It'll take some time to create this, and by then I'm sure Jagex has resolved these issues :p
  8. I'm bumping the subject cause I'm haveing that issue again. Even tho login handler handles it, I wonder why so many so many disconnects occurs? Is it because my internet connection? Worked perfectly few days ago.
  9. @Cloud we should definitely handle this.
  10. So that's probably last update issue, right? Before that, it was fine.
  11. Oh sorry didn't realize it was resolved. Sorry for the tag Cloud. No nothing has changed. It is either your internet connection or Jagex's servers.
  12. NOOOOOooooooo....!
    It's actually not that big of a deal. Just gonna switch from wireless to a ethernet

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