Z Quester 0.0.1

Does a few intro level quests, such as Priest in Peril + Gertrudes Cat.

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    Z Quester - Does a few intro level quests, such as Priest in Peril + Gertrudes Cat.

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  2. Mate... You will make me jizz in my pants if you keep this madness up.

    <3 you.
  3. if u need accounts let me know zaaz
  4. Wow this is actually really good :D
    Thank you for making such a script bot.

    Will try it out later!
  5. Mate, you're a godsent. Will test out when it has quests I haven't already done.
  6. I'll record how it does gertrude's cat for you. Things like these I reckon the best testing would be visually done rather than typing what went wrong

    EDIT: After playing back the video I recorded. I found 2 things that are a bit iffy.
    It browses through the dialogue very very slowly. Otherwise it's okay in that department.
    Also, when feeding the herb to the cat, I had to manually click continue the dialogue since it refused to click it. Additionally, when looking for the cat's babies, it clicks on an area unaccessable (still on the floor with the cat) when in reality it should have clicked the ladder to go down first then the area where it was trying to click would have been accessable

    Otherwise, solid job :)

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  7. Thank you for that! I will add more solid checks to work on that!
  8. I went afk to make some breakfast with it running but came back to this:
    at questing.gertrudesat.GertrudesCat.handleStart(GertrudesCat.java:79)
    at questing.gertrudesat.GertrudesCat.handle(GertrudesCat.java:411)
    at questing.QuestHandler.execute(QuestHandler.java:28)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.task.TaskScript.onLoop(fsb:106)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.LoopingScript.run(lub:161)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(jxb:216)
    at app.RK.run(tvb:44)

    Also maybe add paint?
  9. you should do basic F2p quest like cooks assistant. please :(
  10. Paint will be coming soon, maybe not in the next update, but where did you start it?
  11. Started it at the ge
  12. Varrock lodestone unlocked correct? (Even though the webpath should have pathed to gertrude as that is closer than the lode)

    For that quest I may enable my custom paths as its easier to manage on my end..
  13. probably it easyer if u use varrock teletabs, 3 will be enough
  14. cool idea hope this works out.
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  15. Yes it is unlocked: I think the reason may be that I had my legendary pet following me to try to grow it and it couldn't get the cat? Possibly add a check for familiars and an option to dismiss them?
  16. Nice work bro, could you change your description text color please? Light green burns my eyes xD
  17. I could... Or you can switch themes to Quark for the site.... :p, but I'll work on it haha
  18. I launched the bot, and I don't see "Priest in Peril" ... All I see are "The restless ghost" and "Gertrude's Cat", which I have completed already.
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  19. Updated post, my apologies with the naming. Though its on the top of my list to add Priest in Peril.
  20. more f2p quests would be amazing but not having to do that one extra quest was helpful, thank you!

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