RS3 Zamorak Wine grabber

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Botlight, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. A bot for grabbing wine of zamorak will be nice wouldn't it? Anyone out there who can write a script bot? :)
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  2. Done it. Just testing atm. Are you guys looking to bot it on p2p or f2p? The mouse here is just bad, i need to make something custom with the mouse to make it better than other clients out there
  3. I'll personally use it in both f2p and p2p :)
  4. Kk ill need to buy a Bond to test it on p2p, atm grabs wines, teleports to fally, Banks and runs back, need to set camera direction and mouse movements etc (but i think that IF u play more by hand the better the bot is)
  5. yeah the bot records your mouse movements in 'clouse' and it uses only recorded human movements
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    I'd be happy to test it for you if you'd like?
  6. I was looking for this bot too. Thank-you bro.
  7. If you do, Make it just Supporter.
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  8. Yea, since bot will have no purpose if there will be people on every world
  9. Just a heads up for everyone, previous wine grabbers caused huge banrates. If you're willing to risk, go ahead, but you've been warned.
  10. who i can get this script bot? I like to use.
  11. I've personally botted hundreds of hours there with no bans, however i will be botting on accounts I dont care about and on proxi's
  12. Ok ok where i can get the script bot of the wine and why the rune mate don't work to me today?
  13. Wine graber is not released yet, and noone knows if it will. RuneMate is working fine at the moment, you could describe your problem if you want to get help.
  14. The script bot is ready, it will be rs3 and darkscape for RS3 (not legacy mode). I need to see how to make it supporter only
  15. It was an old one, Im not quite sure why it was removed but it was. Runemate is working perfectly fine, may I ask what exactly the problem is?

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