OSRS Zamorak Wine Grabber

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Hildandi, May 12, 2016.

  1. We need a zamorak wine grabber with a banking + teleporting to falador script bot. Right now the wines sell for 2k ea when a law rune is like 300 so MASSIVE PROFIT asap.
  2. you still wanting this? If so i'll give it ago
  3. Market is too fragile, not enough demand, any public script bot will body this method.
  4. Wines are permanently bloated with bots. It's also asking for a ban.
  5. It's fine, don't waste your time (That Rhymed!!)
    I went on diff worlds completely loaded with bots... But, a script bot i'd kinda like to see would be a Cadava Berrie and Red Berrie bot because they're both 112-113 gp each so It'd be pretty profitable!
  6. theirs currently a red berries bot on the Bot Store, ill give it a shot after my granite miner and finish up my NMZ bot
  7. yeah i mean for 07, the one for rs3 is kinda bad tbh xD

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