Zona Motherlode Mine 0.0.4

Quick experience, profit, and a cool outfit!

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  2. Thank you! Grats on release. Ill check and see what we are looking at. I'm currently 80 atm.
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    Right off the bat, the mouse speed is INSANELY fast
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    i started with only zone 8 and its bringing me to zone 2
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    Btw, I'm just posting as I see whats going on buddy. Just to help you out with any future problems that others may experience as well. So my post will be merged quite a bit as it goes along.
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    tries to fix a wheel without grabbing a hammer then just sits there.
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    when depositing the payload, it deposits dragon pick and doesn't get it back out. Also, when you click the boulders to mine to get through, it should only click once IMO. Its clicking like 7 times, then right clicking and mining it, etc.
  3. Sorry I didn't update this post yet since I slept. A hammer is required in the inventory at start (I will add a dialog to show when you don't have one and stop the bot). I also forgot to update the enum for locations xD I'll do that in ~30 min when I'm ready for the day. Thanks for the pickaxe info, however. Didn't quite think about skiller support and I assumed the pickaxe would be worn.


    Updated all the locations and added skiller support for pickaxes. Testing now to ensure everything's working well. Boulder spamming is now fixed. Added a warning for if you do not have a hammer in your inventory.

    EDIT 2:

    Pushing changes now, 0.0.2 will be live when cloud accepts the push.
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  4. Thanks brother, I am going to launch and see how she go's. Will update as I watch.
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    Getting this error on startup

    java.lang.InternalError: Malformed class name
    at java.lang.Class.getSimpleName(Unknown Source)
    at app.Jp.for(uwb:24)
    at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.location.navigation.web.WebVertex.toString(gqb:181)
    at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.location.navigation.web.WebVertex.hashCode(gqb:123)
    at java.util.HashMap.hash(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.HashMap.get(Unknown Source)
    at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.location.navigation.web.WebPathBuilder.for(qzb:29)
    at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.location.navigation.web.WebPathBuilder.build(qzb:59)
    at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.location.navigation.web.WebPathBuilder.buildTo(qzb:236)
    at rm.Aux.if(p:37)
    at rm.aUx.execute(v:218)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.task.TaskScript.onLoop(fsb:106)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.LoopingScript.run(lub:161)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(jxb:216)
    at app.RK.run(tvb:44)
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    Let me know when update is and ill continue to try it.
  5. It doesn't seem as though it's coming from my bot, but rather RuneMate internals. I'll get in contact with cloud and get back to you.
  6. I'm not 100 % sure. Its working with all my other bots though.
  7. He said it may be inner anonymous class obfuscation is getting messed up. I'll get back to you if I get further word from him.
  8. I will try as we speak
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    Seems to be running smooth, but when a full load, it clicks on the map to head back, you have the spamming problem again. Spams constantly on the map in the direction you want to go. Unrealistic IMO
  9. Seems like Web#step spams, I'll add a sleep after it and see if that seems better.

    Pushed an update and it'll soon be accepted and updated to 0.0.23
  10. let me know when that update goes through. I am stopping it until then.
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    seems to be running decently smooth so far. is the top available to go to?
  11. Static updated Zona Motherlode Mine with a new update entry:

    Zona Motherlode Mine v0.0.23 Released!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Not currently no. It will be once I'm 72 mining.
  12. now every once in awhile it logs out saying a hammer must be in the inventory even though there is one
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    When banking the ore, the right click bank all, is insanely fast as well.
  13. Ah, tomorrow when I wake up I'll fix the hammer issue. Banking is not my problem. It uses the RuneMate API for Bank#depositAll, which iirc mouse movement is based off of your personal mouse movements. So technically all mouse movement, not just banking, would be "insanely fast."
  14. I'm not sure how to fix that problem then. It doesn't do that for any other bot. Not sure what to do on the banking
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    Did we get that fixed? Also, sometimes when it banks, it right clicks to deposit the ore, then just sits over the sections where you can deposit all, or deposit x many, as if it doesn't read that box.
  15. I've already said the mouse issue is not on my side. The mouse movement is based on your own and RuneMate handles it, not me.

    The hammer issue has been fixed and I'm waiting for it to be pushed through.
  16. No problem, how far are you from 72?
  17. A bit away, I'll probably just borrow a friends account to map the area.
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    The update for hammer is live now.

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