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Feb 27, 2024 at 1:11 PM
Mar 2, 2023
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Party Undercover

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Feb 27, 2024 at 1:11 PM
    1. troliukas69
      Hey. can i get refund for 2hour? bot just keep crashing havent got any kc, had to turn of manualy before ban. he strugle to take rune out of bank, he take all he deposit all he take all he deposit all.. :D
      1. MrBlazinHerbs
        Maybe send some logs in PM so he can check to see what the issue was? IDK that might be more helpful then requesting what you did.
        Feb 16, 2024
    2. elitejt2112
      Fuck this bot sucks so hard now, legit doesn’t do fuck all at Bandos but goes in tanks it’s hit and when it gets into bowfa method just eats Bandos special without flicking or moving just sits next to altar like a fucking spastic
    3. ieatdrainfluid
      why doesnt your bot work just stuck at waiting for setting although there all set....
    4. Reduce
      sara godwars work well but when you equip a blowpipe it wont attacked minions please help
    5. REBIRTH07
      zammy gwd doesnt work well keeps miss clicking the 4tic bowfa spots- got sara and bandos going perfectly tho
    6. sulle955555
      bro the whisperes bot is missing prayer and it dies after 2kc atempt can u pls fix this it was working fine 10hrs ago
      1. Swych
        Last Update: Oct 18, 2023

        If the bot hasn't been updated in a month but has suddenly broken in 10 hours, it's a problem on your end.
        Nov 16, 2023
      2. sulle955555
        i think so too but the thing is i havent changed anyting or turnd on or off plugins. what do u think is the problem? thnks for ur time
        Nov 16, 2023
    7. battleneo
      Is there some new update that came out?

      The bot will now get like 1 kill maybe 2 and then teleport out despite having inventory full of supplies.
    8. kelliam
      not sure what happened but when running your godwars bot i got charged 6 times in 30mins. also not sure why but the bot is getting stuck on getting kc.
      1. Bing Bong
        Bing Bong
        Oct 15, 2023
      2. kelliam
        i mean i have a screen shot of it charging me 6 times. lol but thanks for the useful comment
        Oct 15, 2023
    9. Saturational
      I am trying to do awakened whisperer, I know in your bot you say "limitations after killing the awakened variant the bot will stop" the problem is I've tried to even get a single kill but the bot gets stuck on "teleporting to POH" and I've had to stop it three. Possible refund pls?
    10. john h
      john h
      hello Wait I m trying to use this bot tick with bowfa on bandos I set my inventory like you have shown with blowpipe, food, teles and b2p. The bot gets Kc then walks into room and dies instantly after, The bot just shuts down. I gave it 3 attempts can, I please have refund for the bot just stopping
    11. keivoc123
      it keeps saying turn off spell book filtering, but i dont have any filtering set up when trying to run arma gwd
    12. Micky777
      I used this bot for about 600 kills, coming back to finish off the log.

      Why in the last few phases is my prayer dropping by 3, quite rapidly? I don't remember this being a mechanic. Is the bot doing something wrong? Cheers.
      1. Defeat3d
        what bot? he has multiple
        Sep 19, 2023
      2. MrBlazinHerbs
        I used this bot
        Sep 19, 2023
      3. Party
    13. FrostyGhost
      I would like a refund for the 9 hours I have just used this bot. This is the second time I have attempted to use this bot recently and it has DROPPED my elidinis ward AGAIN.

      Because it did not then have the correct gear it walked back and forth prayer flicking all night.

      I do not run an entry menu plugin when using bots so that's not the issue.
      1. Wait
        Aug 27, 2023
    14. zeekanator
      ive done 400 kc on the whisper and id say it did "perfect kills" for 75% of them and now all of a sudden it started taking mega damage and is not pray flicking in time or just not avoiding special attacks and is not getting any "perfect kills" throughout my sessions
      1. sulle955555
        What did u do to fix this??
        Nov 16, 2023
    15. zeekanator
      is there a discord to join? i use most of your scripts and probably encounter a lot of familiar problems as other people
      1. Defeat3d
    16. FrostyGhost
      Hi Wait, I have been posting issues on your Leviathan bot. Could you please acknowledge that these problems are being addressed? Have wasted quite a bit on crashes or bot getting stuck with banking
    17. whylevelup
      Hi, do you have a discord for support? struggling to get godwars script to work, is a rune pouch needed?
      1. Wait
    18. sarah012
      Hi, when im trying to use the whisperer bot, right at the end at the enraged phase it just dies? Is there anything im doing wrong or?
      1. lexi123 likes this.
    19. sarah012
      Hey is there going to be a Duke or Vardorvis bot at all?
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      2. Tippycanoe123
        Yall are killing it! Ty
        Aug 5, 2023
        robocutiepie and sarah012 like this.
      3. Wait
        Aug 5, 2023
        robocutiepie likes this.
      4. robocutiepie
        Excited for the next two bots, you make great bots!
        Aug 11, 2023
    20. dirtysnagg
      do i have to use the venator bow? can i use just bp in normal?
      1. Wait
        Just choose the blowpipe option.
        Aug 4, 2023
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