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Cuppa is a fucking genius when it comes to bots. I've had 890 successful CG runs and 40 deaths with this bot. Pretty good if you ask me. Now i just need that fucking enhanced, please someone pray for my luck.
doesn't actually support bastion potions. looks for blood vial even though it supports cadantine blood potion unf. Now im stuck doing all these unf potions. Everything else i did was good.
The bot isn't picking up loot and when I manually pick it up, it crashes
is your ground items plugin disabled?
50/50 shot you get a good run , when it works bots great finish raid with a little babysitting with kephri pillar puzzle, walks over venom trails in baba puzzle room sometimes walks out infront of the boulders in baba and just gets shoved into the pit. running on invos bot has shown aswell
Superb bot! Fantastic supplies for my iron
This bot is just simply, perfect.
doesnt load just takes money and doesnt do anything
Works perfectly as usual for all Cuppa bots and free! Just wondering about Dagannoth bones, I know you said you added support but it still doesn't seem the case when I test breaking down the bones, otherwise everything is perfect!
Hey :) So I did fix this a while ago, but there was an issue preventing it from being released. It should be fully working as of like yesterday though; Dag bones are working on my end right now. Is it still having this issue on your end? If it's still broken today can you dm me a log (help > view logs)?
Probably should listen to the others here, the bot is down right awful. I make it farther manual play than your bot does. Runs around like its panicking and then dies. Glad i know to keep my money away from this bot.
comepleted a deathless 350 with minumum babysitting with the bot in zebak. wardens was a breeze . i put my bowfa on accurate at the start of p3 and had 4 ambrosias to work with. got my masori kit and it came with a purp.. the bot is goated.
After 6 hours of using the successful run completion rate was ~60%, most deaths were not due to food, just bad timing in avoiding tornadoes / moving under boss. Was using all additional recommended settings, so just not very consistent for me.
first time customer here thought id try it out was going good with the prep work but i seam to die almost everytime with out completion this has eatin my money and i didnt even get the full 8 hours i paid for not reccomending this due to how risky it is and how little the payout is.
At start it took only duel ring teleport , didnt take box trap, witch is wierd. Also when i manually added box traps it continued flawless untill it saw pker, it logged of, logged back in to same world after 10 seconds just to start running south "to teleport" directly clicking over pker on minimap and actually pushing him. it also doesnt take boxes when you relog. witch is trash.
Start the bot with box traps in your inventory, however many you want it to take. And set "World hop after escape" to yes
i got banned perm
I'm sorry to hear it. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, it's always a possibility.

If you used any other bots within the past couple weeks it is also possible they were the cause, as Jagex often delays them. But I am sorry either way.
Amazing stuff here. Would really like to ask if bone dagger special attack could be implemented to make spindel quicker kills for irons who don't have a rev weapon. Thanks again man
Works great!
Haven't tested the drop feature as I'm banking everything still so I can't comment on that.
But everything else works fine. Even tried the custom area and it worked alright
In Lumbridge, everything works fine except for going down the stairs, which is very annoying.
This way the bot isn't 100% self sufficient. In a way that's good because it mixes my inputs with the bot's so I'm less likely to get caught but... Not ideal :P

It does everything else though. Goes upstairs to bank, withdraws the items [gets stuck going down the stairs], cooks stuff, goes upstairs ...

Ah also takes too long to skip the "level up" screen. It does get through it though, but it takes so long I wonder if it's easy to catch the bot this way...

Overall OK, if you don't mind having some input on it it's fine.
It works.
However for some reason feather picking is not working...
I can pick the bones and bury them though, so considering the bot has 3 functions, it does 2/3. While it works great, I can't give 5 stars because of that.
Really good! had one issue with floor 5 final trap, reached out to Slash and got a response quickly and was just lag, jumped on a lower ping world and runs mint again. ignore the reviews below saying fails on traps, as long as your on low ping you'll be fine
Cheers for a quick response and a great bot!
Works great!
Been using it on and off while mixing in some natural inputs so no problems so far got me to mining 41 with no ban. The pause\stop feature works great too

I'm banking the ore for now, and it's rather slow at clicking to move. Also the pathing it takes is a bit too predictable not sure if that could be an issue later on.