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Hexis Slayer AIO 1.1.2

Your pocket-sized Slayer, ready to roll!

  1. Swych

    Highly customisable AIO Slayer bot to completely automate your Slayer training. Banking, task skipping, traversal, and superior monsters are all supported under one bot.

    • Automatic traversal to tasks
      • No more manual walking. Let the bot take you from A to B
    • Skip the ones you don't like
      • This bot is intelligent. It will walk to Nieve or Duradel to skip any tasks that are unsupported or you have chosen to skip.
    • Play your way
      • Have 100% control of your loadouts. Customise your inventory and equipment to dress how you'd normally do Slayer and let the bot take care of the rest. Simply carry the required items for each task and fill in the gaps.
    • Hunting that Imbued heart?
      • If you're hunting an Imbue heart then look no further. Hexis Slayer AIO will take on most Superior monsters for you with no extra input.
    • Utlise that POH
      • This bot heavily utilises the POH for all teleports where it can. All Jewellery Boxes, mounted amulets, Fairy Rings, and Spirit Trees are supported if you have the option checked in the UI.
    • Spellbook swapping
      • Like to pick up items to alch? Select the option to stay on the standard spellbook and let the bot handle swapping your books. This feature requires an Altar in your house to swap between these books.
    • Bursting tasks for MEGA XP gains
      • You have the option to burst some Slayer tasks, just like real players do! Check the option in the Combat settings tab and save a bursting inventory and equipment loadout.
    • Intelligent cannon handling
      • The bot uses popular cannon positions scraped from Runelite's data to make sure you're always planting your cannon in the optimal position. When configuring your tasks, check the box to tell the bot to use a cannon on that task, if the dungeon supports it. You must have your cannon and cannonballs in your inventory loadout for this feature to work.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    This bot currently supports most NPCs that Nieve and Duradel assign, with more coming out very soon. Check the status of them below:


    • Aberrant spectre (Catacombs, kills Deviant spectres)
    • Abyssal demon (Catacombs)
    • Adamant dragon (Lithkren Vault)
    • Ankou (Catacombs)
    • Basilisk (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon)
    • Black demon (Catacombs)
    • Black dragon (Taverley task-only area)
    • Bloodveld (Catacombs, kills Mutated Bloodveld)
    • Blue dragon (Taverley task-only area)
    • Cave kraken (Kraken dungeon, does not kill the boss)
    • Dagannoth (Lighthouse basement)
    • Dark beast
    • Drake (Mount Karuulm)
    • Dust devil (Catacombs, can be lured and burst)
    • Elves
    • Fire giant (Catacombs)
    • Fossil-island wyverns
    • Gargoyle (Slayer tower basement)
    • Greater demon (Catacombs)
    • Hellhound (Catacombs)
    • Hydra (Mount Karuulm)
    • Iron dragon (Catacombs)
    • Kalphite (Kalphite dungeon)
    • Kurask (Fremennik Sllayer Dungeon)
    • Lizardmen (Lizardman temple, fight Lizardman Shaman)
    • Mithril dragon
    • Mutated zygomites (Zanaris)
    • Nechryael (Catacombs, can be lured and burst)
    • Red dragon (Catacombs, fights Brutal red dragons)
    • Rune dragon (Lithkren Vault)
    • Skeletal wyvern (Asgarnian Ice Dungeon)
    • Smoke devil (Catacombs, can be lured and burst)
    • Steel dragon (Catacombs)
    • Suqah (Lunar Isle)
    • Trolls (South of Mount Quidamortem)
    • Turoth (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon)
    • Tzhaar
    • Waterfiend (Kraken dungeon)
    • Wyrm (Mount Karuulm)
    • Aviansie
    • Brine rat
    • Cave horror
    • Vampyre

    There's a lot to set up, but don't get overwhelmed. You can reuse a lot of loadouts for a lot of different tasks. I recommend setting up some generic loadouts for you main fighting style and assigning those to monsters. The bot will stop when it reaches a task you haven't configured a loadout for and it hasn't been skipped, so don't worry about the bot getting stuck.

    The bot is super customisable, you can literally use any item you want to kill your slayer task. You need to be smart and give it a good weapon though, it's not a god.

    Here is how I have my setup already configured: java_jSKwMioUYK.mp4
    Your settings are stored in C:\Users\{user}\RuneMate\bots\storage\HexisSlayerAIO under config.json and backup.json. config.json is the main file the bot will load settings from. The bot will save settings to backup.json if it happens to stop within 30 seconds of starting, this is to prevent previous settings from being overwritten due to errors. You can copy the contents of backup.json into config.json with no issues, just restart the bot after you do that.

    For saving stackable items in your loadout, don't withdraw your entire bank stack. The bot will require the exact amount you save the loadout with. For example, if you have 24,396 cannonballs in your bank and you withdraw that whole stack then save a loadout, when the bot banks it will look to withdraw exactly 24,396 cannonballs. Obviously if you're used a cannon in a previous task you won't have that amount and the bot will stop. This affects bolts, arrows, runes, cannonballs, and any other stackable item you use in your loadout.

Recent Updates

  1. Hexis Slayer AIO v1.1.2 Released!
  2. Hexis Slayer AIO v1.1.1 Released!
  3. Hexis Slayer AIO v1.1.0 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. DellyD
    Version: 0.6.2-BETA
    Bot works amazing, especially free. You do have to babysit it for the first few tasks and make sure everything works properly. Make sure all equipment is proper with the correct loadout/inventory and you will have 0 issues. Read EVERY little detail - because if you dont, it will eventually cause a failure due to user error. Dev is very supportive/helpful on discord, however most of the time its user error being the main issue. Read the logs before posting/asking, because if its user error the dev will definitely let you know lol. Anyways 10/10 bot and would highly recommend.
  2. YoItsRobby
    Version: 0.6.2-BETA
    Best of the best. Constant updates and support. Will use this one for all slayer grinds going forward.
  3. Reallybro
    Version: 0.5.0-BETA
    Love it! first time users have to find the perfect fit for each task but once you fill them all in this script is bad ass! i just wished it used dueling rings instead on relying on PoH for the people who dont have the construction, I also wish it used the ardougne cape to go to fairy rings on its own otherwise it takes the long route but it is a beta so hopefully more features get added soon!!
  4. Miseryan
    Version: 0.3.1-BETA
    Fantastic bot, got me through 70-99 slayer painlessly. If you encounter any issues/bugs join the discord and the problem will be either resolved or fixed within a day.
  5. iallei
    Version: 0.3.0-BETA
    Great bot, only real issues I've run into so far have been due to user error.
  6. gilio22
    Version: 0.2.0-BETA
    fix greater demons, running around for 30 min i houpe i dont get ban
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      Cool thanks for the helpful report. Join my discord server and give me more information or it's not going to get fixed. I ran greater demons yesterday and it worked perfectly fine. The hell am I meant to do with "running around for 30 min", use your brain.
  7. jpl96
    Version: 0.1.11-BETA
    Amazing bot. One thing is that the prayer flicking seems to not work. I made sure to have direct input enabled as well. It works perfectly on your slayer assistant bot but for this one I can see the prayer flicks happening on my prayer tab but the drain rate is normal.
  8. inreverett
    Version: 0.1.9-BETA
    One of the more ambitious and robust bots out there, love it and can't wait to see what it becomes.
  9. Bra154
    Version: 0.1.9-BETA
    Worked Good First two days, Now it just continually try's to teleport and sits at the bank, Didn't Receive any help on discord, just told i was missing something. Good luck if you can get it working, or someone to actually help, it's great.
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      You must have the emotional or intellectual intelligence of a goldfish if you didn't think you could ask follow up questions. I told you the reason it was teleporting out and you didn't reply, am I meant to schedule a 2 hour meeting in your calendar to follow up and hold your hand? Jesus christ get a grip
  10. Dogdogdogdog
    Version: 0.1.8-BETA
    Works like a charm. Personally love the new UI.
    Would love to see spec support.
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      Special attack weapons are implicitly supported, just add them to your loadout and the bot will choose the best one to use.