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Hexis Construction PRO

Builds all popular furniture. Supports multiple butlers. Supports Phials.

Supported furniture:
  • Crude wooden chair
  • Oak chair
  • Oak larder
  • Teak table
  • Mahogany table
  • Mythical cape
  • Door
  • Teak bench
  • Gnome bench

  • Fetch/Un-cert the items you're using before.​
  • Call your butler.​
  • Have a bell-pull in your house if you're using a butler.​

I highly recommend building a Servant's moneybag in your house for more XP and less opportunity to fail.


Oak doors
For those using Oak doors you must now capture the position of the door you want to build at. Stand next to the Door hotspot or the Oak door, select the Oak door in the UI box, then click 'Capture'. Allow the client a couple seconds to find the location of the door and wait for the UI to update.

If you're using Phials it will store relative positions, else it will store the absolute position. If you leave the house at any point and you're not using Phials you will have to reset the doors position manually as the coordinates change each time you enter the house.

Mythical cape
Make sure you carry an equippable item when starting the bot. This is required and is not optional. See below for an example:
First release
Last update
4.12 star(s) 147 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Hexis Construction v3.1.0 Released!

    Hexis Construction updated to v3.1.0.
  2. Hexis Construction v3.0.2 Released!

    Hexis Construction updated to v3.0.2.
  3. Hexis Construction v3.0.2 Released!

    Hexis Construction updated to v3.0.2.

Latest reviews

Maxed my house using oak doors the whole way. Cant wait to finish off 99 when i have the funds.
your scipt gave me an erection 10/10 writing and clean
crikey i forgot i added that feature
Even on my bad ping I was getting 760k+/hr with gnome benches. Working great and actions look human-like. Cheers
I had issues initially but they were solved by disabling literally every plugin and playing in fixed mode. Solid bot once i figured those things out
Just did 84-99 in 13 hours with this.

Used this bot a few times during the past week and it was working great. For what it did, it was definitely a 5. However, just now, I attempted to run it again (same exact settings), and it was significantly slower. As in, there would be 12+ planks remaining in my inventory with the demon butler coming back whereas before, the bot would completely finish the inventory and have a tick or two to spare before the butler came back. I tried to relog but it ended shutting the bot down. Wondering if this was a one-time problem or if maybe it needs to be updated. Boss, is it possible to get a one-time 15 cent refund? The bot ran for less than 3 minutes before shutting down. Thanks for any help
I think these are game update related, if you restart your PC I know you'll have a better time :)
just charged me several times, didnt work one time. dont waste your time :)
user restarted a bot several times, didn't read the billing and payment FAQs or the setup instructions, don't listen to them :)

(seriously, what are you thinking lol)
Why do i have to manually call my servant for it to call the servant when you first start the bot. otherwise it just sits there waiting for servant.
Fairly simple requirement to meet, do it once and never again. How does the bot know if the butler is banking or has wandered away from you?
Flawless bot, huge xp gains in no time at all!
Another 99 down on 2 accounts