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Demonstrate your power over the Corporeal Beast. Highly customisable, supports multiple play-styles.

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  • You must have Rune pouch or A LOT of Teleport to House tabs
  • You must have an Ornate rejuvenation pool in your POH and a Jewelry box
  • Highly recommend a Dragon warhammer, Arclight, and Bandos godsword, but these are not necessary
Future updates planned:
  • Private instances
  • Cannon
  • Maybe other methods of dealing with the core
  • Maybe other restoration methods e.g. ToA

  • When configuring your loadouts, you must carry (or wear) ALL items you want to use during the entire fight.
  • Your equipment loadouts are the loadouts that will be used during the main fight, after damage reduction. Your damage reduction loadout should only contain different armour equipped, do not change your weapons.
  • With each of your loadouts (Dragon warhammer, Arclight, and Bandos godsword) you need to equip all the items you want to wear when dealing that special attack.
  • Likewise, in the "Equipment settings" section you need to wear all the items you want to withdraw at the bank, as well as have them all in your inventory. For example, I would wear my Armadyl chestplate and chainskirt, my Zamorakian spear, and all my other combat items and hit "Refresh" on the equipment loadout button. DO NOT CHANGE ANY ITEMS BETWEEN SAVING THESE 2 LOADOUTS. I would then immediately hit "Refresh" on the inventory loadout button to capture all the items in your inventory loadout.
First release
Last update
3.93 star(s) 14 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Hexis Corporeal Beast v2.2.1 Released!

    Hexis Corporeal Beast updated to v2.2.1.
  2. Hexis Corporeal Beast v2.2.0 Released!

    Hexis Corporeal Beast updated to v2.2.0.
  3. Hexis Corporeal Beast v2.1.0 Released!

    Hexis Corporeal Beast updated to v2.1.0.

Latest reviews

Loved this bot! Although I have not been fortunate enough to receive a rare drop yet, I still love how flawless this bot is with the correct setup!
Good bot man dont understand the bad revieuws! Got 150kc now no problem! With Dwarhammer/Arclight/Fang <3 5/5 tip: start the bot always at the bank or house. have wired connection because if im on wifi then i die alot! 5/5 stars!
Solid script no issues if you set it up properly! Too many bad reviews because people cant set scripts up and throw there dummies out the pram.
Appreciate you man, thank you
Walks though the pass into the corp lair to fight, then just stands there and gets killed. Tried restarting everything and no plugins.
Would send logs, but Hexis makes you jump through hoops to do so.

09:02:50 [INFO ] [Hexis Corporeal Beast] Drinking Super combat potion(4)
09:02:51 [INFO ] [Hexis Corporeal Beast] Entering the Passage
09:02:51 [INFO ] [Hexis Corporeal Beast] Going through the pass and into the fight area
09:02:51 [TRACE] [ RemoteModel] Determining interaction point of Passage [2971, 4254, 2] using remote model
09:02:51 [TRACE] [ RemoteModel] Selecting point InteractablePoint(352, 156)
>joined 2 months ago
>never spoken before
>never left a bug report
>never reached out for help
>"author makes you jump through hoops"

Man I'm sorry I ask for the bare minimum for a bug report. As for the 5 line, 2 second bug report you provided I'm sure you won't be surprised that I have to tell you that's

1) A terrible report
2) doesn't show me anything
and 3) leaves nothing for me to suggest you change.
Used solo and small teams, absolutely splendid. Great bot with tons of options.
Bot works great, would be 5 stars if the bot would restock inventory after completing the specs. it will go into the fight with half an inv of food and will have to tele out halfway through. also avoiding the core could use some fine tunning, getting hit quite a lot. overall it does the job.
set it up perfect no floors in gearing / invent.. it died 2 hits into walking in turned quick prayers off to fix that issue. re geared and decided it only wanted to d war hammer spec 30 times before i ended script.. sorry mate but im a maxed and not risking an account to that shit fix it please waste of time.
Got me an Easy 100 KC within running only 24 hours i had to tweak a little cause im a little bit restarted but it works amazing and i def recommend running this and the Idler if you are a solo and wanna use Private instances
could you please add construction cape feature?
I previously left a review about the bot failing to pickup loot at times, to which the dev replied that this issue was fixed in a recent patch. That is incorrect. The bot failed to pick up a holy elixer on 10/25/23 and I did not notice until it was too late. You absolutely must be babysitting this bot or else it may miss a large drop, such as a sigil.