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Kills Demonic Gorillas in the Crash Dungeon.

Massive range of customisation. Run the bot with ANY combination of weapons and equipment and the bot will use whatever equipment you give it.

Restoration strategies
  • Player-Owned House - Restore your stats in your POH via an ornate restoration pool
  • Player-Owned House to Ferox Enclave - Teleport to the Ferox Enclave via the jewelry box in your house. The bot will use the pool of restoration at the Ferox Enclave to restore your stats.
  • Dueling to Ferox Enclave - Teleport to the Ferox Enclave via a Ring of Dueling and use the pool of restoration to restore your stats.
  • Seed Pod to Grand Tree - Heal the bank by using this option. The bot will withdraw food and prayer restore potions (Prayer or Super restores supported) and heal to full hitpoints and prayer. No fancy POH or jewelry required!
Banking strategies
  • Player-Owned House to Castle Wars - Use a Jewelry box to teleport to Castle Wars and use the bank
  • Player-Owned House to Edgeville - Use a Jewelry box to teleport to Edgeville and use the bank
  • Player-Owned House to Ferox Enclave - Use a Jewelry box to teleport to Ferox Enclave and use the bank
  • Ring of Dueling to Castle Wars - Teleport to Castle Wars via the Ring of Dueling. The bot will equip the ring if you've in combat and can't bring up the chat dialog options.
  • Ring of Dueling to Ferox Enclave - Teleport to Ferox Enclave via the Ring of Dueling. The bot will equip the ring if you've in combat and can't bring up the chat dialog options.
  • Seed Pod to Grand Tree - Teleport to the Grand Tree via the Seed pod.
Traversal strategies
  • Seed Pod to Grand Tree - Fastest way to get back into the action. Uses the Royal seed pod to get back to the Grand Tree.
  • Player-Owned House Spirit Tree to Grand Tree - Use the Spirit Tree in your POH to get back to the Grand Tree.

Example Inventory & Equipment setup


Example UI setup


1. Make sure your "Withdraw loadout at bank" matches the loadout you had equipped when saving your inventory loadout. For example, if you're using a blowpipe and arclight and you saved your inventory loadout with the blowpipe equipped, the loadout to withdraw at the bank would be your Blowpipe loadout.
2. Check you're on the standard spellbook if alching items

How to setup inventory and equipment loadouts:
Video: Watch RuneLite_MCqfz6v7Is | Streamable
  1. When you save each loadout you have to be wearing the gear you want to use, obviously. You want to withdraw every item you want to use, gear and inventory
  2. Don't bank and withdraw more things between saving loadouts it will just cause you issues
  3. Equip your ranged loadout, type in the loadout name, and hit Add. Do the same with melee.
  4. Hit refresh on the bank inventory/equipment loadout buttons WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING IN BETWEEN REFRESHES. Don't hit refresh on bank inventory loadout, switch gear, then hit refresh on bank equipment loadout. These are defined lists or items to withdraw and wear when at the bank, you can't have a blowpipe worn and in your inventory at the same time for example.
  5. Select what loadout to use when the demon has the overhead prayer active and you're good to go
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3.67 star(s) 43 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Hexis Demonic Gorillas v2.2.1 Released!

    Hexis Demonic Gorillas updated to v2.2.1.
  2. Hexis Demonic Gorillas v2.2.0 Released!

    Hexis Demonic Gorillas updated to v2.2.0.
  3. Hexis Demonic Gorillas v2.1.0 Released!

    Hexis Demonic Gorillas updated to v2.1.0.

Latest reviews

set up is a bit confusing but can get through it. I've ran 3 different times and I've died everytime. gets about 1-2 hours in.
I read the directions. Did the set up how it said. Has worked perfect since. Perhaps people should learn how to read? Good bot.
You have a lot more self-awareness than most, I like it. Thank you :)
bot was working in trail so i switched to full bot gears up and teleports to grand tree and sits there if i manually path to demonics just teleports back, why couldnt this bot be easy to use like zulrah mate :/
You messed up the configuration, fix it and it will work. Little secret - trial and paid code is exactly the same.
hey man this used to work pretty good for the past 3 times i tried to run it it doesnt load settings to let get it to run.. just says settings and its blank.. what do i do?
Might be the hardest bot configuration I have ever seen, it will eat your first 2$ on the app.
5 concise steps in the bot overview and a step-by-step video guide is too hard to follow? How about you vote on the performance of the bot and it's features rather than your lack of understanding on how to set it up.
hey man bot works good but thursday runemate was having issues and it ran 3 times and all stopped before 5 mins due to runelite crashing with the bugs its not your fault was curious if i could get a .45 refund for those other than that bot works great the banking is super quick though. keep it up man <3
Since the release of RuneMate 4.0 the mechanism for transferring credits from one user to another has been removed. It is not possible for me to send credits to refund failed bot sessions. This has been hinted at being reintroduced but if you want to voice a stronger opinion I recommend you post in the RuneMate discord.

It is possible to gift credits however it's extremely cost prohibitive. The minimum amount of credits you can buy is $1 and that costs $1.20 which includes Paypal fees. If you lost $1 to my bots, I only receive $0.70 as RuneMate takes a 30% cut straight away. So to refund $1 I'd have to pay $1.20 and lose $0.50.
Used for over 2500 kills. Works well, has a few small bugs which sometimes require restarts.
This bot is not easy to setup, I had to stop it several times to eventually get it to work, and it's charged me 7 Hours, for using it just over 2 hours. I assume for having to stop/start it, due to poor setup interface.

Could easily be 5* if it had a setup like Zulrah mate, where you equip gear then just click "Range Setup > Refresh > Save"
spent almost 2 hours trying to set this up. luckily one hour was the free one. sets up inventory fine. i pick and load my range setup and i pick and load my melee setup. click run then it deposits everything and withdraws everything except melee gear and starts running towards demonics.
Great bot, having an issue with bolts randomly. Even though I have thousands equipped it stands at the bank and says can’t find rune bolts and idles
If you have saved your loadout with your entire bank stack equipped, the bot will be looking for that exact amount before leaving to go to demonics again. I suggest only wielding a lower amount when saving loadouts so you'll always be able to start with the same number each time :)