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Hexis Slayer Assistant

This bot will reload and repair your cannon, flicks prayers, sips stat boosters, drinks antifire/antipoison, supports multiple targets, Bracelet of slaughter/Expeditious bracelet, and Special Attack weapons.


Note: to setup the cannon position you must be standing on the south-west/bottom-left tile like in the image below.
First release
Last update
4.59 star(s) 22 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Hexis Slayer Assistant v3.2.1 Released!

    Hexis Slayer Assistant updated to v3.2.1.
  2. Hexis Slayer Assistant v3.2.0 Released!

    Hexis Slayer Assistant updated to v3.2.0.
  3. Hexis Slayer Assistant v3.1.0 Released!

    Hexis Slayer Assistant updated to v3.1.0.

Latest reviews

This things is amazing will use forever
Everything works fine for me except teleporting back to a bank after a task, I was using ring of dueling ferox teleport and half the time the bot wouldnt teleport out and equip the ring of dueling then sit and do nothing. After I teleported for it, it would try to run through the wild to find a spirit tree to teleport which is very dangerous. Everything works fine other than teleport after a task and getting ready for another task.
It is honestly a 5/5. Simple configuration, yet effective execution. I've been using this for god knows how many hours.

Every task, I just enter the monster name, their superior variant and leave my PC. Once I return, my slayer task is complete and I am off to the next one. The prayer flicking is amazing, never wasting any prayer points, which is one of the most amazing features of the bot. The loot and alching list is easy to manage and even supports wildcard looting like "uncut *" to pickup any uncut variant.

The only thing I can think of in terms of features to be updated/added is to have it teleport out with runes for house (Air+earth+law / dust+law) for those of us who don't bring any teleport tablets. Absolute banger of a bot.

I will be using the AIO slayer bot in the future, once my house meet the requirements for traversal around the game.
What an EXCELLENT resource! Few suggestions to make it even BETTER:
1) Allow choosing what to use to restore prayer (e.g. prayer pots vs super restores vs nearby altar)

2) Add Prioritize feature for the order of monsters to kill in the nearby area (Bloodveld,Warped Jellies,etc) with the first monster listed to be killed 1st, second monster listed to be killed 2nd, etc)

3) Add reactive prayer flicking if the nearby monsters use different attack styles (prot. magic if 1st monster uses magic, then prot. range if 2nd monster to kill uses range, etc); even better if it prayer reacts to incoming attacks (while flicking if possible)

Otherwise what another BANGER resource by Swych!
All around insane. Noticed today it was DODGING the marble gargoyles special attack?! You popped off with this one.
works good, I wish there was a way to have multiple superiors listed, I wish we didn't had to type every drop we want, splitting the settings in collapsable sections. Just a warning for fremnik slayer, probably don't list leaf bladeded weapons in the alch list, especially like the leaf bladed sword if you are still using it, i some how unequiped it and it was gone, so I had to buy a leafbladed spear
This is legit one of the best bots i've ever used, I would recommend this a thousand times over. Great job.
Great script, never fails! I was tempted to test it out for wilderness slayer at some stage. Would you consider adding a tele feature if skulled pkers came on screen? Either way, great work!
A very flimsy "maybe" for wilderness-related content

That would be super far into the future unless I get really bored with Konar and say fuck it, lol
amazing bot, runelitty/200mall is dumb as fuck
Absolutely the best use of my money in order to get this script to work, especially during my first boot up. The UI never messed up, and if it does, you can just restart - Hexis takes full responsibility, while other developers never do. He also happily refunds you if you ask kindly. No need to use with caution, as the script works so well.