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CurvyPlankRunner Trial 1.1.48

From tree or bank to plank

  1. CurveBow
    Run any logs from bank to any sawmill or even chop them directly where available.

    • Takes chosen log type to local sawmill to convert into planks
    • Supports sawmills at all locations: Varrock, Woodcutting guild and Prifddinas
    • Chopping of tree for chosen log type (providing in the area) rather than taking from bank
    • Setting of budget or setting of plank goal, if use both whichever you hit first overrides the other
    • Updating settings as you go (except location and budget amount)
    • Choosing any or no run enhancer (low level energy pots may not keep running constant, but for people without access to stams)
    • Supports ring of the elements, if you have one in bank or on you it will be used if it has charges and location is Varrock
    • Custom delays, breaks and number of hours to run, all optional
    • An axe in your bank or on your person (if chopping)
    • Banked logs of your chosen type (if not chopping)
    • Coins
    • Charged ring of the elements if you wish to use it in Varrock
    • Varrock teleport runes in inventory if you wish to teleport back to bank using Varrock sawmill
    Setting up
    • If you do not use budget/goal, have as much cash as you wish to spend ready in your inventory before pressing start
    • Simply position your bot at the bank of your chosen location: WCguild, east bank for Varrock or north bank for Prifddinas. Select desired settings and press start.
    • Ensure location selected is the location you are using
    • If you opt to chop logs, please make sure the trees are available at that location. Optimally, to chop oaks/normal logs for planks, use WCguild or Varrock. Chopping teak and mahogany is available exclusively at Prifddinas.