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  1. faustis1337

    Resolved Checking if player is in area

    Hey ppl, i need help with checking if player is in area
  2. parametric

    Resource [OpenSource] MapSuite

    MapSuite - GitHub - jjordantb/MapSuite: Runescape automation software tool MapSuite is a tool that makes data gathering for Areas and Paths easier for the MMORPG OSRS. In order to run you must use the "-Xmx" flag due to large map dimension correction, 512m should suffice. Operation is simple...
  3. youramazingames

    Tutorial How to create an area for the player to move too!

    In this tutorial i will show you how too: Create an Area Select random Coordinate in area Create a path to Coordinate Walk there! This came around as i wanted to find a random coordinate in the bank for my player to move to and then interact with the bank to make it more realistic than going...
  4. youramazingames

    Question How to set Area for bot to choose random coordinate to go to

    Hello, Ok so i have my bot set up pretty well its quite basic just a vial filling one while i get use to how to make them! However it goes to the same spot every time which is not very good and can easily be picked up as a bot! So to get around this i would like to set an Rectangular area and...