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  1. mex03osrsplyr


    Is it possible to remove the "link" between the osrs og client to lets say, a custom client? I'm asking for......research purposes..... lol
  2. trickztelli

    Resolved Need Staff Guidance

    I am trying to inquire about posting my AHK script that I have made personally and would like to share. @Arbiter is the one who originally deleted the download and asked me to release my source or clarify instead of the exe. I do understand that this is indeed sketchy to a lot of people but I...
  3. D

    OSRS Custom Private Bots Made Here

    Here is a sample list of bots I have already made for both rs3 and osrs: (I have more also so feel free to request as I will write private bots also) If it's not listed, PM me and we can talk. Most can be made! RS3: Nightshade Collector EnchantedTree FlaxSpinner...
  4. jandro

    OSRS Request for Corp Spencer

    Game Mode: OSRS Summary: A bot that specs down corporeal beast (corp) for ironman solos. Attack monster. Teleport to house. Use pool to heal/regent special attack. Use jewlery box to teleport back to corp enter lair. Attack monster. Must be able to switch weapons and keep track of whether and...
  5. N

    Resolved Private scripts

    I love this client and I have been playing around with custom scripts for a while now. I found someone who wants me to make a script for them to use privately. I don't quite understand how private scripts work on this client (the developer limit of 3? hours is severely limiting) After reading a...
  6. swych

    RS3 Looking for Bot Requsts

    Looking for bot requests for RS3. I've made 3 so far, QSmither, QPlanker and a supporter bot QThievingGuild. I'm looking to learn more about coding and I want a new project to work on. Disclaimer: I am a busy person between school and my personal life, please don't expect a perfect...
  7. swiftbot

    OSRS Looking to have a custom script made {Will Pay}

    Basicly i need a script made and am willing to pay 07 Gp for it Basics is that it will be collecting herb secondaries. Please list your skype below or pm me. Thanks