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  1. P

    OSRS Apple/Banana/Orange Basket

    Game Mode: OSRS Link to wiki: What? Summary: Player would buy either Apples, Oranges or Bananas including baskets. Player would take out 5 Baskets and remaining slots would be the fruit, Note that only 4 baskets could fill a inv of fruit. Rinse and repeat and then sell the Basket of Fruit for 3x...
  2. N

    OSRS a decent bot for money making

    hello im semi-new to botting, and was wondering what are the best bots for money making on f2p. if anyone could help me out here, that'll be amazing thank you :)
  3. aaronstrack

    OSRS Money Making Bots

    Pretty straight forward ;p Lets see some more money making bots, because ya boy is BROKE :) haha