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  1. B

    Resolved MaxiWoodcutter lite logs me out when activating bot?

    I used to use this mod a while back and it worked perfectly but now when I use it, it doesn't work? When I start the instance it just logs my character out of old school runescape and when I log back in, the bot doesn't work? Tried a different mod called Regal Woodcutter and it works fine? I'd...
  2. M

    Resolved MaxiWoodcutter

    I have all default settings applied but for some reason when I run the bot it always says "Walking to the trees" but my character just stands there and does nothing. Any suggestions?
  3. dabzfordayz

    Resolved MaxiWoodcutter (DarkScape): Wont bank logs when not wielding your hatchet

    I have an adament hatchet in my inventory because my account is lvl 3 but when the bot goes to bank the logs it just stays in the bank screen and doesn't do anything. If I use a bronze hatchet and wield it, everything runs smoothly. Am I missing something simple or is anyone else experiencing...