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Resolved charged for 10 hours of bot use when I have only used 3

Jul 13, 2019
New user, recently downloaded prime fishing for $0.08/hr, ran the bot for 3 hours and have been charged for 10 hours...
Can this be resolved?
Prime Fishing is not even working after update this morning and just stands, i hope i am not being charged for the setup and to fidn out the bot does not even work
Jun 9, 2015
Tutorial - Wallet and Premium Bots FAQ
Why am I charged every time I start an instance?:
Upon starting the bot you will be charged for the first hour of use. If you only run the bot for 30 minutes, you will still have been charged for the full hour. If you stop the bot manually and restart it, you will be charged again. If the bot breaks, doesn't work or you are overcharged and you feel as though you deserve a refund, post in the relevant forum thread for the bot you are using, providing supporting evidence (eg: how the bug occurred and log files) and it is at the author's discretion whether they refund you.

Also, you can expect things to potentially break after a RuneScape update.