RS3 Guide to Gold Farming Safely + 24/7 Botting

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    Before I share this with you guys I want to thank NobleFrenzy for sharing his way of Gold Farming.

    Setting Up:
    There's a lot more to gold farming then people think. Back in the day you could bot 24/7 with multiple accounts and not worry about getting banned. Well ever since Bot-Nuke you can't do that no more so this is where things get complicated for most users.
    1. First off your going to need to create multiple of accounts. Lets just start out with 4 for now as most users will not have a high end gaming computer.
    2. Once you've created your 4 newly accounts run the first 2 bots doing combat. What should you fight? Well I would say chickens just to be an easy task, but I wouldn't necessarily do that as it is the most common type of NPC to bot and Jagex watches those areas more than you could think. So go to Burthorpe and head into the cave north of the loadstone. Fighting Mountain Trolls is 1 way you could do it. This does not necessarily mean everyone should go do it because now the spot will be flooded with other users wanting to do the same and possibly report other users and now we got another area Jagex watches. So find a really low level combat npc to fight preferably level 1. Run your bots for 4-5 hours on each account. So in this case your going to run 2 bots for 4 hours. Once 4 hours is up run your next accounts on different worlds doing the same thing for 4 hours. Once those are done stop what your doing take a breather and don't continue the next step until the next day.
    3. So once the day is up repeat the same process again until you have reached level 40+ combat on all accounts you made. The reason why your leveling up combat is because this will not raise suspicion to other players for when you bot whatever skill or thing that makes you money. You don't want to be a level 3 running around making a lot of money while running a bot. People are not stupid when they see a bot, all it takes is 1 person to report you for botting and if it checks out in Jagex's system that you're botting you will be banned. That's why botting for short amount of time is recommended for little to no ban at all.

    Starting Gold Farming:
    1. Get to your requirements of your method of Gold Farming by switching out accounts every 4-5 hours. Being a bot watcher is helpful. What I mean by that is babysitting your bots to make sure nothing goes wrong. Chatting back to people making yourself look like a normal player. If you decide you don't want to be a bot watcher then be careful. Go in a world where others are not around or a world that is filled with 10+ people in your area of botting.
    2. Your in the stage of needing to look more legit, so start doing dailies for your accounts if you can. Getting other stats up will make you more unnoticeable to other players as they do not expect a botter to have multiple stats leveled up high. So after your 4 hours of botting play legitly for a little bit on your accounts. If you do not have membership and don't do dailies then select like 5 skills to work on legitly or even do quests for treasure hunter keys. The key is not getting banned you want to have a source of income somehow.
    3. Now that you've mastered this random pattern of 4-5 hours of botting and doing some other skill legitly per account it's time for you to gain in some revenue. Yes gold farming is a slow process but if you really want that money your not gonna care how slow its going to be. So remember botting safely is very important at this point. Keep doing what you're doing so far at this point you shouldn't be banned and everything should be going good, if not you went wrong somewhere and you definitely didn't follow this guide. If you're unsure how to bot safely there is a thread here *How to bot safely*. This will reassure that you won't be getting banned anytime soon.

    Selling Gold:
    1. Okay so now lets say your gold farm is bringing in $300 a month. You achieved that amount already and want to sell. Well this is where most users go wrong. Do not have a stack of items worth 100m to sell trust me you will get banned. Instead every time you bot something and your done botting within 4-5 hours per account sell the items immediately. Yes, it's going to suck seeing such a small amount of numbers add up per day, but it's better that way because your not selling a huge stack that could potentially lead to affecting the market which causes you to get banned for botting those items.
    2. Okay you've gotten the money and you want to sell your gp for real money. The best way to do it is create a dummy account trade it with all the other accounts that made money. Trust advertisements that are in Runemate Community that offer selling of gp. Sell your gp to one of the sites in the Runemate Ads. Do not sell large amounts of gp as it could potentially lead to a scam. Instead sell $50 here and there to multiple goldfarming sites.
    3. Now save up that money, yes fucking save it because your revenue with 4 accounts is not that much. Time to make more accounts and repeat the entire process. Once you have 8 accounts doing the same thing now you can switch up your accounts 4 times a day if your only doing 2 at a time. This gives you 16 - 20 hours of botting time. Now you have increased your revenue keep saving up till you hit about $4,000 or so.

    Botting 24/7:
    1. Once you have made your $4,000 from botting it's time to for you to increase your revenue. Assuming you don't have a high end gaming PC it's finally time you get one. Check out this Building a High End Gaming PC Guide. Once you get everything you need its time to go ape shit.
    2. So assuming you built the PC download whatever you need for that PC to run RuneMate and RuneScape. At this point you should be able to run 6 bots at a time. So what does this mean? Oh yes more accounts more shit to do! Now that you got one computer running 2 bots at a time you now have another computer running 6 bots at a time. Both of them together and you can make back what you paid to build that computer and make profit within a month depending on what your goldfarming and the market price of the item. So yes this people, is how other people bot 24/7 without any problems.

    Final Results:
    Yes it may have taken you forever to get those accounts going but now you're rolling in money. Do not take your gold farming granted though. Cause anything could happen at anytime to decrease your profits in gold farming. Maybe try switching up on what you farm because if 1 fails you have a backup. Think of gold farming as a side job, not really much to it but being banned = being fired. So remember there is no room for mistakes. And try not be too obvious when botting. So with all that being said take notes below.

    • Try not to be in an area less than 10 people when botting unless there is no one.
    • Bot 4-5 hours per account, per day.
    • Sell items after botting them right away, do not sell huge stacks of items.
    • Play legitly after botting and work on other skills.
    • Use a dummy account to trade gp when selling gp
    • Do not offer over $100 to gold farming sites.
    • Do not Gold Farm just 1 item, do many other items that help make gp through other bots on RuneMate.

    If I forgot something or you would like to add more to this guide please PM me about it and I will be happy to update the guide for the users out there who want to start gold farming and credits will be provided.
  2. Great Guide!
  3. Nice read, i hear alot of nobles tips on the shoutbox, but very nice thread :)
  4. Is this just for RS3 or also ORS?
  5. Read it over fast,
    really nice guide, alot of effort you put into it.
    I don't have the time for it nor the place but for the people who do, go for it this seems like a good guide.
    I would include "what if's" too, say you get flagged or something.
    Other than that, awesome that you took the time for this! :)
  6. I cant verify if this would work on OSRS as I do not play it. My guess the only change there would be is that you will need proxies and a vpn and possibly shorter botting hours. That's just my guess, I could be wrong would have to ask someone that farms on OSRS.
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    Thanks and yeah I will update the guide later to include "what ifs".

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