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Bug Java Incompatability/Failure to attach to 64-bit process

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by SuperNewbies, Jun 25, 2023.

  1. SuperNewbies

    Jun 24, 2023
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    Good day.

    I also posted this on the discord, but if I get a response there I'll paste it here.

    Runemate works fine outside of development mode.
    However, booting it up via IntelliJ makes it unable to attach to RuneLite (also the official OSRS client is greyed out?)

    Here is the relevant section of the log:

    WARNING: sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass is not supported. This will impact performance.
    Jun 25, 2023 11:34:47 AM com.sun.javafx.application.PlatformImpl startup
    WARNING: Unsupported JavaFX configuration: classes were loaded from 'unnamed module @5c18298f'
    11:34:47 [TRACE] [ RuneMate] Initializing JavaFX Platform
    11:34:47 [INFO ] [ RuneMate] Deleted 0 files over a week old
    11:34:47 [DEBUG] [ RuneMate] RuneMate Version: 3.12.0
    11:34:47 [DEBUG] [ RuneMate] Operating System: Windows 10 amd64
    11:34:47 [INFO ] [ RuneMate] JAVA ENVIRONMENT:
    11:34:47 [DEBUG] [ RuneMate] Home: C:\Program Files\Eclipse Adoptium\jdk-
    11:34:47 [DEBUG] [ RuneMate] Version: 17.0.6 x64 (Eclipse Adoptium)
    11:34:47 [DEBUG] [ RuneMate] Max. Heap: 4022MB
    11:34:50 [DEBUG] [ RuneMate] Required x86 JDK resource exists - skipping download.
    11:34:50 [INFO ] [ RuneMate] Successfully fetched missing resources
    11:34:50 [TRACE] [ RuneMate] Skipping runemate-game-api.jar since a local version is being used instead.
    11:34:50 [INFO ] [ RuneMate] Using custom extension library
    11:34:57 [DEBUG] [ RuneMate] RuneLite PID 17428
    11:34:57 [INFO ] [ RuneMate] Attempting to start the RuneLite client.
    11:34:57 [INFO ] [ RuneMate] Checking for a new game client every second for two minutes or until one is found.
    11:35:06 [INFO ] [ RuneMate] Found a new game instance after 9 seconds.
    11:35:12 [INFO ] [ RuneMate] Setting up new logger for development_toolkit_main_bot
    11:35:12 [ERROR] [ RuneMate] Failed to attach agent
    com.sun.tools.attach.AgentInitializationException: Agent JAR loaded but agent failed to initialize
    at sun.tools.attach.HotSpotVirtualMachine.loadAgent(HotSpotVirtualMachine.java:166) ~[jdk.attach:?]
    at com.runemate.client.boot.Binder.iiiiiiiiIIiIii(haa:73) ~[RuneMate.jar:?]
    at com.runemate.client.boot.Binder.iiIIIiiiIIIIIi(haa:100) ~[RuneMate.jar:?]
    at nul.IIiiIIiiiiIIII.iIIiIiiiiIiIiI(qaa:224) ~[RuneMate.jar:?]
    at nul.IIiiIIiiiiIIII.iiIIiiiiIIiIii(qaa:138) ~[RuneMate.jar:?]
    at nul.IIiiIIiiiiIIII.run(qaa:44) ~[RuneMate.jar:?]
    11:35:12 [INFO ] [ RuneMate] Unable to initialize the communication bridge. Please restart RuneMate and try again. Contact support if the problem persists.
    WARNING: sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass is not supported. This will impact performance.
    11:35:14 [ERROR] [ RuneMate] Current runtime environment is not compatible with selected game
    com.sun.tools.attach.AttachNotSupportedException: Unable to attach to 64-bit process
    at sun.tools.attach.VirtualMachineImpl.openProcess(Native Method) ~[jdk.attach:?]
    at sun.tools.attach.VirtualMachineImpl.<init>(VirtualMachineImpl.java:56) ~[jdk.attach:?]
    at sun.tools.attach.AttachProviderImpl.attachVirtualMachine(AttachProviderImpl.java:69) ~[jdk.attach:?]
    at com.sun.tools.attach.spi.AttachProvider.attachVirtualMachine(AttachProvider.java:193) ~[jdk.attach:?]
    at com.sun.tools.attach.VirtualMachine.attach(VirtualMachine.java:249) ~[jdk.attach:?]
    at com.runemate.client.boot.Binder.iiiiiiiiIIiIii(haa:317) ~[RuneMate.jar:?]
    at com.runemate.client.boot.Binder.main(haa:534) ~[RuneMate.jar:?]
    11:35:14 [INFO ] [ RuneMate] "Attach" is not supported on this system.

    Here is my run configuration:


    And my Dependencies:


    This launches the client just fine, but when I try to attach/start instance, it gives me the aforementioned error.

    When I try to change my java compile and runtime versions, it seems to get stuck while logging in during the "Using custom extension library" message.




    So I guess the question is what the correct java versions are supposed to be.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Quantifiable

    Feb 2, 2024
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    Were you ever able to fix this? I have the same error.
  3. Bing Bong

    Bing Bong Bot Author

    Jan 29, 2016
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    By the looks of it, you're using the wrong Java version.

    You should be using Oracle Java 17, idk if that would fix it but it's worth trying

    I see you're using a mixture of both of 11 temunim or something, idk wtf that is but get rid of it.

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