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RuneMate v3.14.15-1.19.14 has been released!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by American Express, Mar 24, 2024.

  1. American Express

    American Express RuneMate Staff

    Oct 2, 2015
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    RuneMate v3.14.15-1.19.14 has been released!

    @Dagannoth Cone
    • Fix a regression in the DefaultUI skill tracker
    • Fix a legacy WebPath walking issue
    • Add support for the new "Jewellery Enchantment" menu
    • Update Magic API to identify spell components correctly when icons are resized
    • Deprecate Magic#getSpriteIdWhenAvailable() and #getSpriteIdWhenUnavailable()
    • Add some missing spells
    • (Unreleased) DefaultUI multi-line string inputs can now grow in size up to 6 rows (up from 2)
    @Party (Wait)
    • Chunk API fixes
    • CoordinatePath#getLength() is now based on the number of vertices in the path
    • (Unreleased) Include Javadocs in Maven publication
    • Fix a ScenePath generation issue when destination is not in current scene
    @Swych (Hexis)
    • Add some missing nullability annotations

    Note: if you're experiencing any issues with bots since the update, please try restarting your PC to ensure you have all the latest component versions!

    Join the RuneMate Discord to discuss this update and seek support: Join the RuneMate Discord Server!
  2. Flugfarbr

    Nov 22, 2023
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    since the update rune mate has not been able to find a client. ive tried unistalling and patching but nothing seems to work.
  3. whitelife902

    Apr 3, 2024
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    I had to uninstall everything and then reinstall, Fixed the problem I had with not being able to find a client..

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