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Question Upgraded and time is not available

Apr 2, 2021
Hey guys, hope you all are doing well today.

I recently paid $2 to become supporter and then another $2 for an additional 200 hours (Runemate is awesome btw). The funds were withdrawn from my irl bank, and looking at other threads it seems that since it is an automated process that it takes a little while for the upgrade + hours to show up on your account, however on my account status it shows supporter status but in the 'service' section it shows still -1 hours. I was just wondering how long I might have to expect to wait before these become available.

All the best,
I'll probably upgrade to the $3 option too just because it's honestly a really good deal.
Just saw that it came in! If anyone is waiting for their hours to update it can sometimes take 1-2 hours for them to show.