Sepulchre Mate

Run through crypts, dodge traps, steal shit

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Wiki link: Hallowed Sepulchre

Completes the Hallowed Sepulchre minigame/agility course!

Required items:
- Weight reducing clothing (graceful)
- A holy item, and no other god items (holy symbol, hallowed items, etc.)
- For looting, a lockpick and the items required for the challenges (see wiki)
- Poison protection or antidote (serp helm, antipoison/antidote, prayer book)

Recommended items:
- Full graceful
- Dorgeshuun crossbow
- All hallowed items (ring, focus, grapple, symbol, hammer, etc.)
- Rune pouch
- Strange old lockpick
- Prayer book and prayer potions









Updated on

Jun 05, 2024

Released on

Jun 29, 2023

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Jun 18, 2024
Version: 1.4.6
Really good! had one issue with floor 5 final trap, reached out to Slash and got a response quickly and was just lag, jumped on a lower ping world and runs mint again. ignore the reviews below saying fails on traps, as long as your on low ping you'll be fine Cheers for a quick response and a great bot!
Jun 16, 2024
Version: 1.4.6
Works well between floors 1 ~ 3. Makes some mistakes on floor 4 but always ends it on time. Floor 5 is where it is lacking a lot of accuracy in the movements and decisions. Runs straight into the fire and sometimes stands still in the middle of it waiting for the death :(.
Author Response
Thanks for the feedback, I'll see if I can reproduce and fix.
Jun 16, 2024
Version: 1.4.6
for still needs some tweaking.. second floor of the 5th floor it just gets stuck on the first set of flames. runs in and tries to run out.
Author Response
Thanks for the feedback, I'll see if I can reproduce and fix.
Jun 12, 2024
Version: 1.4.6
100 t5 completions and 2 rings later, I can say this is definitely a good bot. It has a major issue right at the end of floor 5 where it will kill itself on the arrows, i've saved myself by manually intervening there multiple times. Other than that it's pretty flawless. Props
Jun 11, 2024
Version: 1.4.6
It’s keeps failing at floor 5 @ the double fire near the end.. Running it for straight 10 hours now, but xp rate is down to 36k, how can I fix this?