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With nearly 450 bots from power miners to end-game bosses and everything in between. Jump into the vast library of free bots and advanced capabilities of premium bots.

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Chill with fellow gamers, share botting strategies, get inspired by each other's epic RuneScape achievements, and more! The largest OSRS botting community awaits.
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Build your own Bot

OSRS botting is the perfect place to develop your coding skills. Easy to learn, challenging to master, and loads of fun the whole way through. With the support of RuneMate's clean Java API and huge developer community, you will be releasing your masterpieces to the Bot Store for thousands of grateful users in no time.



RuneMate was built with undetectability as the priority. The bot client invisibly observes the official RuneScape, RuneLite, and Jagex Launcher game clients much like a one-way mirror: we can look through it but they can't see us. All RuneMate bots apply a unique but consistent "play style" for each RuneScape account and leverage artificial intelligence strategically, for example to generate mouse movements that are statistically undetectable from that of a human.


We have built a reputation of trust with over a decade's worth of happy users, but what is better than knowing you can trust RuneMate? Not having to. RuneMate uses zero knowledge encryption where sensitive information, i.e. your RuneScape account, is fully encrypted before it leaves your computer, so only you have access to your data. Not even the team at RuneMate can read your data (even if we wanted to). Your right to privacy is protected by the same techniques powering industry leading security software like Bitwarden.

Bot Everything

If you can do it in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), then RuneMate likely has a bot for it. Our extensive Bot Store covers the vast majority of OSRS skills, bosses, minigames, and other activities. The leading experts in OSRS bot development collaborate on our extensive open source RuneMate Game API. The breadth of game information available gives our bots superhuman, tick perfect skills that can take down the sweatiest of end-game content.

Tons for Free

With nearly 350 free bots to choose from and 200 free hours of botting every month, you won't have to pay at all to see mad gains in OSRS. When you are ready to level up your play, enjoy free trials of premium bots and then pay only for what you use, as little as a couple cents per hour of premium botting. Want to stick with free bots but need more hours for that lvl 99 grind? Upgrade your account flexibly to just what you need, starting at $2 a month.

Easy to Use

Finally a botting client that just makes sense! From download to running your first bot in less than ten mouse clicks. RuneMate establishes a clean and intuitive design system that equips bots with the tools for creating stunning user experiences. From interactive equipment and prayer selectors to bots you can visually program entirely new bots in, we can't wait for you to give them a spin.


RuneMate has the best bots because it has the best bot developers. Many found their passion for coding by making OSRS bots and are now world class software engineers working at Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. They continue to provide excellent support for their bots, contribute to RuneMate's open source projects, and help one another improve their skills. They invite you to enjoy their creations and to join them in shaping the next generation of OSRS botting.