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How to use Farming Contracts:
  • All seeds for farming contracts must be deposited inside your seed vault, if the bot fails to find a contract seed in your vault then it will continue on with regular farm runs. This means that the bot will continue planting your herbs/allotments/flowers as usual at the farming guild
  • Pre-planting is used to maximize your odds of already having a contract plant grown when the contract is assigned. This will help you maximize your seed packs received per hour. You can read more about the best seeds to preplant at your current level here
  • If the bot fails to find a seed required for pre-planting, then it will also continue doing your regular farm runs. This means only pre-plant seeds that you have plenty of, to prevent contracts from being ignored. One common mistake is enabling pre-planting for flowers when you have no White lilly seeds.
  • Harvesting Celastrus trees require an axe in order to chop the branches. If you have the level to plant/harvest these it's important that you set a valid axe in the settings.
  • The Skip Tree contract setting allows you to skip for an easier contract in this case. This was implemented due the the fact that trees take much much more time to grow and as a result will limit the seed packs you receive during a given session. If this setting is enabled, and you receive an easy contract that is of type tree the bot will continue on with your regular farm run and ignore the contract.

  • Jute fibres are used specifically to create drift nets. These are usually a limiting factor in using Drift Net fishing scripts on an iron man account.
  • Drift net fishing yields one of the highest fishing & hunter experience rates in the game. Gather your jute fibres and start getting that exp!

The following traversal methods are supported for patches:

Nexus Portal: All equivalent supported

  1. Falador Tree Traversal:
    • Falador Teleport Runes
    • Falador Teleport Tablets
    • Falador House Portal
    • Jewelry Box to Falador Park
  2. Varrock Traversal:
    • Varrock Teleport Runes
    • Varrock Teleport Tablets
    • Varrock House Portal
  3. Farming Guild Tree Traversal:
    • Battlefront House Portal
    • Charged skills necklace
    • Farming Skill Cape
    • Jewelry Box to Farming Guild
    • Spirit Tree POH to Farming Guild
    • Ardougne Fairy Ring to CIR
  4. Gnome Stronghold Tree Traversal:
    • POH Spirit Tree
    • Seed Pod
  5. Lumbridge Traversal:
    • Lumbridge Teleport Runes
    • Lumbridge Teleport Tablets
    • Lumbridge House Portal
Fruit Tree:
  1. Brimhaven Traversal:
    • Camelot Teleport Runes then Charters
    • Camelot Teleport Tablet then Charters
    • Catherby House Portal then Charters
    • POH Spirit Tree
  2. Catherby Fruit Tree Traversal:
    • Camelot Teleport Runes
    • Camelot Teleport Tablet
    • Camelot House Portal
    • Catherby House Portal
  3. Farming Guild Fruit Tree Traversal:
    • Battlefront House Portal
    • Charged skills necklace
    • Farming Skill Cape
    • Jewelry Box to Farming Guild
    • Spirit Tree POH to Farming Guild
    • Ardougne Fairy Ring to CIR
  4. Gnome Stronghold Fruit Tree Traversal:
    • POH Spirit Tree
    • Seed Pod
  5. Lletya Traversal:
    • Eternal Teleport Crystal
    • Charged Teleport Crystal
  6. Tree Gnome Village Traversal:
    • Jewelry Box to Castle Wars
    • POH Spirit Tree
  7. Hardwood Trees
    • Mounted POH Digsite pendant
    • Charged digsite pendant
  1. Ardougne Traversal:
    • Ardougne Teleport Runes
    • Ardougne Teleport Tablets
    • Ardougne House Portal
    • Ardy Cloak 4
    • Jewelry Box to Fishing Guild
  2. Catherby Traversal:
    • Camelot Teleport Runes
    • Camelot Teleport Tablets
    • Catherby House Portal
    • Camelot House Portal
  3. Falador Traversal:
    • Falador Teleport Runes
    • Falador Teleport Tablets
    • Explorer's Ring 3
    • Explorer's Ring 4
    • Ring of the Elements
    • Falador House Portal
    • Jewelry Box to Falador Park
  4. Farming Guild Traversal:
    • Battlefront House Portal
    • Charged skills necklace
    • Farming Skill Cape
    • Jewelry Box to Farming Guild
    • Spirit Tree POH to Farming Guild
    • Ardougne Fairy Ring to CIR
  5. Harmony Traversal:
    • Harmony House Portal
  6. Kourend Traversal:
    • Kourend House Teleport Runes
    • POH Mounted Xeric's Talisman
    • Xeric's Talisman
    • Construction Cape House Portal
  7. Morytania Traversal:
    • Ectophial
    • Fenkenstain's Castle House Portal
  8. Troll Stronghold Traversal:
    • Troll Stronghold House Portal
    • Trollheim House Portal
    • Trollheim Teleport Runes
    • Stony Basalt
  9. Weiss Traversal:
    • Weiss House Portal
    • Icy Basalt
  10. Al Kharid Traversal:
    • Jewelry Box to PvP Arena
    • Ring of the Elements
    • Ring of Dueling Item
  11. Monastery Traversal:
    • Ardougne Cloak
  12. Fortis Traversal:
    • Civitas Illa Fortis House Portal
    • Civitas Illa Fortis Teleport Runes

Seaweed & Birdhouses:
  • Mounted Digsite Pendant
  • Inventory Digsite Pendant

  • POH Hosidius teleport
  • Mounted xerics teleport
  • Item Xeric's talisman (worn)
  • Construction Cape Hosidus teleport

Birdhouse support
  • You'll need to make sure the spaces are already filled. The bot cannot recognize that they are built or empty from the bank. Therefore, prebuild the birdhouse spaces so it has clockworks.
  • There is not varbit/data available that tells us when it's going to be ready. So the bot will check the birdhouses on bot start. After it checks the birdhouses, the timer will be set for 55 minutes. It doesn't matter if the birdhouse is ready in 5 minutes, because we can't access that in the data.
  • Make sure you have enough seeds to make it through your session
Seaweed support

Disable this dialog first for Seaweed:

Grape support

  • Zamorak grape harvesting in Hosidius is supported
  • You'll need Salt pertre, Grape seeds and Zamorak blessings in the bank
  • There are 12 patches that are ready every hour, stock up on supplies and let it run for days!
  • If you do not wish to harvest Zammy grapes disable the setting and enjoy the exp from farming regular grapes instead
POH Portals:

Making Ultra Compost:
  • The bot will make compost ONLY at the Farming guild in the big bin
  • The bot will need a single produce stored in the bank, you'll be responsible for making sure that it can be used to create ultra compost
  • You'll need a minimal of 50 Volcanic ash in the bank to create ultra compost

Fertile Soil support:
  • The volcanic mine minigame offers a reward that is the Ash covered tome
  • This item allows you to create ultra compost using the fertile soil lunar spell
  • Usage of this spell is auto detected when you start the bot with the runes in inventory and spellbook set to Lunars
  • You'll need 2 volcanic ash for every patch if you wish to use this spell
UI Examples:

Most recent
Jun 06, 2024
Version: 2.1.16
Bot runs really well only problem is it always just idles on beach when going to do seaweed any idea how to fix? im sure IM doing something wrong so i will give 5 stars because other than that bot runs flawlessly.
May 31, 2024
Version: 2.1.11
first of i really like this script! i would like to see some changes/additions however. planting calquat seeds would be nice. also adding an option to re plant bushes/cactus/mushrooms. finally an option to not clean herbs after picking. this will be perfect with these additions i think.
May 28, 2024
Version: 2.1.7
Amazing bot, I run it all the time, had a few issues with herb runs not working but Rats is good at responding and fixing issues.
Author Response
Thank you! <3
May 24, 2024
Version: 2.1.5
This bot is great for quickly completing herb runs! I really enjoy using it. One issue I've observed is that alching while traversing interferes with using fairy rings. The character will prioritize alching, leading to them getting stuck at the fairy rings as they try to teleport, only to be interrupted by alching. Overall still a 5/5!
Author Response
Will fix that! Thanks for the review
May 11, 2024
Version: 1.3.9
This is working so great, the only thing I miss (or maybe I overlook a setting) is to use the seed vault for farming runs. It seems to use the seed vault for contracts but the bank for everything else.
Author Response
Yes this is right. Most users wouldn't have the bank space to use the bank for contracts. Leave 4 or 5 of each herb seed in vault along with saplings, bush seeds, white lilly seeds, cactus seeds and you should be set.