Cuppa Tempoross

Man the harpoon(fish)!

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Defeats the Tempoross boss. Highly customizable and can be optimized for XP or points.

How to use:
  • equip your harpoon of choice (or none if barbarian fishing, or the bot can pick up a basic harpoon)
  • start the bot anywhere within the Ruins of Unkah (the bank area near the Tempoross boat
  • recommended: zoom the camera out all the way, as the bot works better zoomed out
  • select desired options and click "Run"

  • automatically grabs items & manages inventory as needed
  • supports using full Spirit angler as a rope
  • supports using the Imcando hammer as a hammer
  • supports any harpoon (including barehanded barbarian fishing, infernal, dragon, crystal, barb-tailed and regular harpoons)
  • can enter a custom amount of buckets to use (between 2-5)
  • intelligent use of special attack, before harpooning the spirit pool or double fishing spots
  • bot will attempt to avoid all hazards, including the clouds, fires and waves. Will automatically attempt to douse fires when they're in our way.
  • human-like decision making: attempts to optimize macro play in a similar way to how real players fight the boss
  • UIM Support: bot won't attempt to bank when on an UIM
  • optional: Kitten support! Bot will automatically play with kitten & feed it harpoonfish, keeping it alive and happy :)
  • optional: Admiral pie support. Will automatically withdraw and use as needed.
  • optional: cooks harpoonfish at optimal times, while still prioritizing double fishing spot
  • optional: can move camera or keep it fixed
  • optional: custom minimum players per game
  • optional: direct input, for faster and more accurate clicks/performance

Features in all of CuppaJava's Bots:
  • Saves settings from last session, even when you close Runemate. Jump right back in next time!
  • Customizable break handler, to log out for a little while every X minutes.
  • Customizable stopping handler: to stop the bot after a selected amount of time.
  • Intelligent delays between actions.
  • Progress log with a bunch of info.
  • My own custom, robust traversal system written from the ground up. Doesn't rely on the Runemate "web" to work!

Most recent
Jul 12, 2024
Version: 1.7.4
Excellent bot, the only thing i would liked to be changed is when the stormcloud is positioned over the anchor. It behaves wery bot-like during this When my character is about to run upp the anchor and launch the fish a stormcloud is in the way my character stops. And moves some tiles back to the island and waits before the fire is doused. Either make it a priority to douse the fire over the anchor if thay is even possible. Or only make the bot stop if there is fire on the anchor
Author Response
No one's ever mentioned this, but I suppose I can see what you're saying. Potentially I can make the bot ignore storm clouds if the player is moving & our destination is outside the cloud area. I can add that to my todo list.
Jul 03, 2024
Version: 1.7.4
91 fishing with ease. Could probably be more of an $0.08 bot but hey you pay for the security of Cuppa bots
Author Response
Jun 06, 2024
Version: 1.7.3
Author Response
Jun 04, 2024
Version: 1.7.3
Great bot!
Author Response
May 11, 2024
Version: 1.6.8
Cuppa you are a wizard. I try to exclusively use Cuppa bots because of the high level of care and functionality. Ran this bot for around 20-25 hours, some small sessions and some overnight, and it has literally never failed on me once. Thank you again Cuppa for your dedication to this craft!!
Author Response
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3