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Feb 5, 2024 at 4:49 AM
Feb 7, 2023
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The Neck

goblin Jun 28, 2023

goblinneck was last seen:
Feb 5, 2024
    1. gilio22
      Can i get refund? after update i lose only money at hydra bot, 4 times start bot and its automatic stop.
    2. blavelle18
      bot get stuck and stops if you have already used your grouping tele for cave horrors. even with alt methods of teleportation to the same destination banked it still fails to find teleport
    3. Tippycanoe123
      (Necks Slayer)While using Ardy Cape and Fairy rings, when it uses Ardy cape to tele it gets stuck from time to time, after it uses Ardy cape and goes to a certain spot. maybe you can fix<3
    4. Maestro Paladin
      Maestro Paladin
      Hi, Necks Cerberus Failed. Wasted two instances 0.20$ can i get refund? First it wont walk after it use teleport to house in taverly. Had to manual walk untill inside cerb it suicide. Second instance still the same. Please fix this
    5. Sinistertim
      Slayer Bot fails to load due to not having a ring of dueling. It searches the bank and is unsuccessful in finding what it wants (I have over 30). The exact error message is "Ending bot in 5 minutes, resume bot to stop timer. Reason: Out of ^Ring of dueling\((\d\)$, wanted 1, have 0, in Bank: 0" Similar issue earlier in the week with glory
      1. Bing Bong
        Bing Bong
        There is currently an issue with the Pattern builder. Party is already aware of the issue and is currently fixing it.
        Sep 15, 2023
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    6. Small Tackel
      Small Tackel
      i've been using a number of your bots, barrager, cerb etc. and they all stop banking after 1-2 trips. it teles to house, uses pool then to cw for e.g with full inv and doesnt deposit anything, telies back kills until needs to loot then tele back to house to bank... is this a known issue?
      1. Small Tackel
        Small Tackel
        it generally does bank for the first one or two trips, but after it repeats not banking, apologies if this is wrong place to do it
        Aug 7, 2023
      2. goblinneck
        Hi, usually best place is discord https://discord.gg/svywNzRD. I haven't seen this issue before, it would help if you send me logs on discord, TY
        Aug 8, 2023
      3. Tea5321
        Discord link invalid. Also its still picking up junk like herbs and shit lol
        Sep 3, 2023
    7. adamveg
      hi, i joined your discord but i cant talk, can you dm me pls (vegadam), i have some issues with your script
      1. goblinneck
        Might need to retry on the role after 10 minutes if the bot is under load
        Jul 25, 2023
    8. 3 hit quit
    9. goblinneck
      1. SlashnHax
        Jun 28, 2023
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      2. Wet Rag
        Wet Rag
        Jun 28, 2023
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