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Apr 14, 2024 at 12:50 PM
Nov 6, 2015
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Bot Author++

I've added a discord server to help with the supports on my bots, you can join at https://discord.gg/cPf2daWjDG Feb 18, 2023

Remco1337 was last seen:
Apr 14, 2024 at 12:50 PM
    1. john cardoso
      john cardoso
      hey, i ran the black chin hunter bot a few times before realizing it was down.
      wondering if i can get a refund for the sessions where the bot was just broken & i had to restart it

      i have the logs

      edit: the bot was working great before that.
      i ran it for several hours
    2. wet splashes
      wet splashes
      yo just started running quester, have the option for teletabs and stam potion, doesn't seem to be using either
      1. frankLOL
        how well does the quest bot work?
        Mar 9, 2024
    3. TYG123
      Hey, I wanted to let you know that both your MLM and AIO mining bots are clicking on the rocks multiple times during mining. The AIO is less of a problem but a real player in MLM is definitely more afk.
      1. Remco1337
        Thanks for the feedback, will look at it soon!
        Dec 18, 2023
    4. damien allen
      damien allen
      aye mate using ur motherload mine bot its ok just gotta keep eye on it due to if it misclicks the rocks on groud to get threw it just does nothing
      1. Remco1337
        Can you add me on discord to eloborate a bit more in the issue? Remco1337#7275
        Aug 22, 2023
    5. sarah012
      Hi, i am trying to use your Quest bot and its not working. It keeps walking the wrong way and zooming in and out/ spinning the camera.
      1. Remco1337
        Can you add me on discord? Remco1337#7275
        Aug 5, 2023
    6. Remco1337
      1. OGDeadHacker likes this.
    7. OGDeadHacker
      Love the AIO woodcutter. And just saw your quester with GE support. Looks like it has a lot of potential.
      1. Remco1337
        Cheers man, thanks for the great feedback. Hope you enjoy all of my bots ;)!
        Feb 13, 2023
        OGDeadHacker likes this.
      2. OGDeadHacker
        Honestly excited to see more great work from you!
        Feb 13, 2023
    8. based-zanza

      I am interested in using your quest script, and reading the feedback, I am aware that the script is currently not working due to RuneMates API with the GE. Has this been fixed before I use it, please?

      1. Remco1337
        Yes it has been fixed!
        Feb 9, 2023
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