BB Dart Fletcher [LITE] 1.0.7

Fletch with Dart Tips for maximum XP p/h

  1. Bing Bong
    LITE version only supports upto Mithril dart tips. Please use premium version to unlock all dart tips.

    - Ensure you're using the right darts for your level.

    Items needed:
    Dart tips

    Using direct input, I had 1.4m XP p/h after 1 minute of usage.


Recent Reviews

  1. Misterdiegoo
    Version: 1.0.5
    Worked great, but when logging in, it stays on the click here to play loginscreen. Don't know if that's suspicious or not, but did 2m xp in 2 hours, worked perfect. Also, setting the logout timer to 25mins helps.
    1. Bing Bong
      Author's Response
      That's great and unfortunately the login handler has nothing to do with me or the bot.