RuneMate 2.0 Spectre Released!

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    After the most hectic/nerve-wracking/stressful/epic few months of our lives, we are happy to announce the successful launch of the next generation of RuneScape botting: RuneMate Spectre. This journey began over five months ago (documented in the announcement thread) when we were unsatisfied with the status quo of the botting scene, our competitors and us included. In recent years, Jagex has dedicated significant resources into their bot detection methods while the botting scene has grown stale with the same old methods, whether it be reflection, injection, or color. While RuneMate has maintained relatively low ban rates over the years compared to alternatives, they have undeniably grown. Instead of standing still, we decided to build the client that would keep Jagex and competitors catching up for years to come.

    And so Spectre came to be. Spectre is a new client written from scratch that uses a previously unexplored methodology to run our bots on just about any existing RuneScape client, including the official client published by Jagex. This allows Spectre to avoid having to load the game in an unofficial fashion, modifies nothing at all in the host client, and as such is indistinguishable from how a normal player would interact with the game. This allows us to re-focus our efforts on our already stellar biometric algorithms that simulate human behavior like Clouse (cloud-based crowd-sourced mouse movements), PlayerSense (unique profiling for each account), and BioStatistics (custom tailoring of play style on a per-user basis). With the combination of Spectre preventing runtime detection and our biometrics preventing heuristic detection, we are confident in our ability to reduce bans to an insignificant level.

    Best of all, we offer you this fruit of thousands of man hours at no charge at all. All we ask in return is that you get yourself some awesome skillcapes to make your friends jealous and then consider supporting us through a donation. Happy botting!

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  2. Well done to all of the admins, staff and bot authors for releasing this amazing new client!

    I'm sure things will only continue to improve in the coming weeks :)
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  3. can't log in now?
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    why i can't log in to new runemate
  4. Will be buying supporter once more bots are readily-available.

    Thank for the hard work, @Cloud @Arbiter and all bot authors/testers :D
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  5. How can you stop it from taking control of your keyboard?
  6. Minimize the client.
  7. Thanks babe<3
    Love the new client!
    Can't wait to be raking in $$$$
  8. can't wait for the new goldfinger client due next week!!!
  9. not working with Mac now
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  10. Doesn't work with mac?
  12. But it will be shortly.
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  13. Don't taunt me with your forbidden fruit.
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  14. any ideas when?
  15. Using about 3.8 percent CPU per instance right now. This is absolutely beautiful work. I am so incredibly happy to see this finished and in such a great state. Thank you guys so much for your hard work, very few people know the insane amount of tedious man hours it takes to accomplish something like this, and to give it away for free? That might be the only thing that can match that insanity. Great job.
  16. Mac version PLEASE
  17. Mac is currently not supported, and as such the download button for it has been disabled. Re-instating Mac support is a top priority and will be done promptly.

    Source: Bug - Confused | Community | RuneMate
  18. You guys are truly amazing. Thanks for this beauiful update, I'm sure lots of people will enjoy this.
  19. Damn, my instance takes up almost 98% of my CPU, you do know how to minimise it?

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