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Jun 26, 2019 at 4:59 PM
Oct 12, 2015
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Client Developer, from Scotland

13d:12h:49m:51s - NMZ usage time recorded in ~10 hours........ Jan 25, 2017

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Jun 26, 2019 at 4:59 PM
    1. Altalizee
      Hey Party, Could you message me about an account issue. Thanks The issue assigns where I can't access it and it has $10+ credits on it. Thank you
    2. Jonwickfan
      Don't trust him, 1st time using runewatch and his script. Boom, I lose my whole bank in less than 10 minutes. FCK this website.
      1. MrBlazinHerbs
        Cool story bro!
        Jun 24, 2019 at 4:55 PM
    3. kyyyle92
      Hey man, the nmz work pretty decent except it gets stuck between the entrance and bank area. Account just sits there after a trip is done and drains credits too. Not to mention it makes your account look extremely suspicious. Read comments below and seems to be a very common problem with a very easy fix..?
    4. manti1337
      Hey man, I just bought some credits to specifically use for prime nmz but it got stuck ~5x in a row right when it started it up so I had to restart and got charged .50 for not using the bot :\ Is it possible to get refunded for those? thanks!
    5. nUg nUg
      nUg nUg

      Would love for a refund on your premium NMZ script. Been running for 5 hours doing nothing, standing still inbetween the bank and the NMZ starting area...
    6. nathantkd
    7. Mrlemonwater
      I wanted to switch over from the other NMZ script but when I did the prayer potion method, it kept taking out prayer pots (3) or (2) instead of my prayer pots (4) - how can I fix it?
    8. Gus344
      i fucking had it with you retarded coders cant properly write a bot code i want my fucking money back for this shit i do not recommend runemate to anybody with over 1 brain cell because u gotta be and brain dead as the coders fuck yall all of yall
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      3. RobinPC
        whew lad
        May 8, 2019
      4. Wet Rag
        Wet Rag
        i fucking had it with you retarded coders cant properly write a bot code i want my fucking money back for this shit i do not recommend runemate to anybody with over 1 brain cell because u gotta be and brain dead as the coders fuck yall all of yall
        May 8, 2019
      5. Flextroci
        user sounds like a fucking retard so user error imo
        May 8, 2019
    9. Gus344
      ur bot not working u owe me 30 cents
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      2. Gus344
        garbage ass community too
        May 6, 2019
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      3. Flextroci
        May 6, 2019
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      4. Bean.
        @Gus344 ur not working u owe me 30 cents
        May 6, 2019
    10. DavidRod
      1. RobinPC
      2. DavidRod
        how can i find my runemate folder?
        Apr 30, 2019
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      3. Gus344
        si chupas
        May 4, 2019
    11. rangekid
      hey can I please have a refund I lost 8 hours I left my account on while I went to work and I came back and my account was logged in between the bank and nmz this happen twice already
    12. pimpmeisterflex
      Hey man, can I buy some RM credits?
    13. volt72
      Please fix the pest control bot, thanks for all your hard work.
      1. MrBlazinHerbs
        @volt72 i bet @Party will fix it quicker if you pay him to. Just a friendly suggestion.
        Apr 14, 2019
      2. volt72
        I would love to pay him for it, idk how to do that though.

        EDIT: Contacted him to no avail, guess the PC bot is dead.
        Apr 16, 2019
    14. Dainzer
      Dear Party, i’ve got a message from the pest control bot. “Due te new update of osrs its not shure that the bot wil work properley”. When does the bot get a update?

      Btw big fan of your bots
    15. Joe Shrum
      Joe Shrum
      party can i get a link to your discord please?
    16. DezBez
      Hey Party, i've lost around 6-7 hours yesterday from being incorrectly charged due to internet connectivity, is there any way i can be refunded? Thanks Mate!
      1. Darkkenshi
        You can only be refunded when a premium bot that you've used is not functioning properly, for example when you start it up and it crashes. Your internet being bad is not a reason for a bot author to refund you in any way shape or form.
        Mar 28, 2019
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      2. DezBez
        @Darkkenshi Do you think i had control over the storm systems that had been at fault for my connectivity issues yesterday? I am simply asking for a refund on the lost time of the bot that i didn't use. If you don't mind, i'd rather speak with Party. Thanks mate.

        Not trying to start an up roar about this either.
        Mar 28, 2019
    17. Paranon34
      Hey mate, lost 9 hours on Pest control today where the bot took no actions. Is there any way I can be refunded for this time?
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    18. taylorcosgrove
      fix pest control!
      1. Wet Rag
        Wet Rag
        Mar 4, 2019
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    19. Ricky1337
      Hey Party.

      I was wondering something about your pest control Bot script,
      Is It possible to update It so you can also repair barriers?
      Repair barriers Is very active for low levling players from 40-50. Specially If you dont have attack level like a "obby mauler" for an example.

      Please post back and let me know, Id use it everyday If you could make that possible!
    20. A1Steaksauce
      Just lost 3-4 hours trying to start the bot...It's worked fine for tens of hours but today it just wants to say NoSuchMEthod or something... Same settings as always. Tried restarting all clients, still wants to say error thanks for using. Any chance for a refund?
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