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Fights chickens and collects feathers.
First release
Last update
4.06 star(s) 53 ratings

Latest reviews

I would give it a 5 star if you could also pick the bone and bury all the bones once your inventory is full.
Would be super cool if you could add a bury bone option also. Thanks.
Got me banned within 1 hour
The one bot that doesn't fail me and has not gotten me banned
Will not recognize RS3 client window and cannot run on rs3
got 65-94 mage fire wave splashing chickens north of port sarim 8 days. 0% ban rate due to low amount of clicks/actions. left bot on somedays for 12-18+ hrs, never had any problems. also used this in lumby on a lvl 3 suicide bot. got 50 str with ease
works great! minimal supervision required, only problem i encounter is that after it clicks to attack a chicken, sometimes it also changes target to another chicken, so it stops the attack and just stands, with little supervision it perfectly works for me.
Works well with melee, but doesn´t pick up feathers if you are useing a bow.
great bot. Must be around the area WITH THE GATE OPEN for the bot to start. picks up quite a bit of eggs and bones, but doesn't stop the bot. Would be good idea to add picking up bones as an optional feature.
it does exactly what you expect it to do. took me a second t et up and running but once i did it worked great