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Just start script at location. Tested only in Lumbridge.
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First release
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3.07 star(s) 27 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Cow Killer Beta v0.10 Released!

    Cow Killer Beta updated to v0.10.
  2. Cow Killer Beta v0.9 Released!

    Cow Killer Beta updated to v0.9.
  3. Cow Killer Beta v0.8 Released!

    Cow Killer Beta updated to v0.8.

Latest reviews

Will kill cows and bank, but will not safe spot when low, and the ai will not prioritize cowhides over killing cows.
Burry bones and add picking up beef and cooking it if required on low health at the chicken farm at the stove
would kill cows would not go to bank
will not bank
It wouldn't work or get stuck
killed the cows and picked up the hides. then would just stand there doing nothing
looks like it doesn't go bank the cowhide at all
Works great for killing and looting but finds its issues with banking, especially when gate to cow pen is closed. Great beta though!
dropped my bow, all my arrows, cowhide and walked back to lum front arera and stopped
Gets stuck at Lumbridge Castle stairs after banking and gets stuck after a death, other than that very good bot.