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PowerMining and Banking East Varrock Mines

Current version:
0.0.1: Initial beta release.

Future versions:
0.0.2: Update to traversal timing and added check/open inventory.

This is the BETA release of East Varrock Mines.
First release
Last update
3.66 star(s) 94 ratings

Latest updates

  1. East Varrock Miner [BETA] v0.0.2 Released!

    East Varrock Miner [BETA] updated to v0.0.2.

Latest reviews

does not work. Remove it
Yea, Like The Rest Said, This Shit Dont Even Do Anything. Either UPDATE It Or Take It Down.
Take this down this is trash , does not work period idk this is still up
doesnt even work
Doesn't work.
keeps clicking the depleted ores constantly. Works okay because sometimes it'll mine the ore, but the exp is terrible.
heya mate i used your bot till 85 and took a break form it now i wanna continue mining with your bot but for some reason it walks to the iron ore and then stops there and just idle for a long time. it was a realy good bot hope you can fix it again so i can use it again :D cheers
Does not work what so ever. Just stands around doing nothing.
Was working well until recently. Now just stands still in the mining spot when asked to bank iron.
bot walks to mining area and just stands there... RIP