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Buys feathers packs in most fishing shops. Useful for ironmen.
First release
Last update
3.22 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest reviews

Buys feather packs, but "slow-opens" them instead of clicking each individual pack. Could have been much quicker.
Works perfectly for like 15 mins but then stops opening packs
Will buy feathers, but then not open, therefor does not perform the designed function. Needs an update.
works perfectly all you have to do is be at the loction and start the bot
5/5 It gets the job done. It hasnt gotten me band yet and it this rate I should have a bond pretty soon thanks to this script. I could be improved though, like an interface and some options would help. just make sure you have 6 open slots in your inventory other wise you will buy 28 at a time.
I have used this for days without getting banned or the bot messing up. All you have to do is fill your inventory with items so you only have 10 slots left "including coins and feathers" and it will keep running and if it mis-clicks and does not open all the feather packs after a time limit it will click them and open them all. kinda like a fail safe.
so far so good..only thing is it buys 50 feather packs at a time so if you fill your inventory until you only have like 10 free spots it works
Script does not work, tested with fresh client and crashes when running other scripts.